A New Look

Well,  it finally happened. Out with the old and in with the new . . . theme that is. I mentioned not long ago that a change was coming. In truth I had no idea what it would be. I had come up with the header but had no theme or anything else in mind.

So Saturday night I sat down and decided it was time. I went through several themes on a practice site, trashed them all. Then I picked this one and after a few hours here we are.

There are still some things that will need to be done, but I think overall I am pleased with the results.

Over on the right side you will see I have added the Tag Cloud. Now if there is a topic you might like to check out, go for it. Who knows what you might end up with though. I have slowed down on my number of tags these days for the most part. But when I started I was a bit tag happy. As I recently told a couple of friends, think of Categories as your subject/noun and your tags as your adjectives.  I actually get rid of some tags from old posts as I revisit them at times.

For those of you that don’t know, that’s a typewriter up there in the header photo. And I actually taught myself to type on one older than that and that’s probably why I’ve had to replace my laptop keyboard. (You had to hit them bad boys back then.) I was bored one summer and decided why not. I had a typing book and a typewriter so by the end of the summer I was flying away. The last time I was timed in typing I was over  100 words per minute. That was some time ago. But you can ask those who chat with me and they will tell you that I do type fast.


See Y’all Next Time


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19 thoughts on “A New Look

  1. The Coraline Theme is very versatile….. great theme can be adjusted in so many ways…. 🙂 100wpm? that is quick I can do about 40, me thinks the last time I timed myself …. but I don’t have a program for timing myself anymore. That one still ran with the old windows 95 ….


  2. Hey there 🙂 I got the college record at school when training of 100 wpm hehe so snap.

    Love the new header

    My only critique is on colours but I am looking from my phone. I found the blue very hard to read and in comparison the green quite full on it wasn’t easy on the eye but that’s my reaction might not effect others in the same way as it does me.

    Fab header though x

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  3. Looking good Ronovan, both you and the new look blog 🙂

    My second job when I moved to London (the first only lasted six weeks) was selling typewriters in Selfridges. By then they were electric, but I can remember them so well and always came home with my fingers covered in black and red ink. I only got to sixty words per minute, so you beat me hands down on that one (or should that be fingers down?)

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  4. I like your colors and the website looks great. I love the typewriter! I learned to type on an old Royal. I have been a typist my whole life. Years ago my first civilian job after the USAF was as a legal secretary. We typed everything in triplicate! No errors. I was typing well over 100 wpm! Now I am around 90 wpm. Great job Ron.

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