A New Look

Well,  it finally happened. Out with the old and in with the new . . . theme that is. I mentioned not long ago that a change was coming. In truth I had no idea what it would be. I had come up with the header but had no theme or anything else in mind.

So Saturday night I sat down and decided it was time. I went through several themes on a practice site, trashed them all. Then I picked this one and after a few hours here we are.

There are still some things that will need to be done, but I think overall I am pleased with the results.

Over on the right side you will see I have added the Tag Cloud. Now if there is a topic you might like to check out, go for it. Who knows what you might end up with though. I have slowed down on my number of tags these days for the most part. But when I started I was a bit tag happy. As I recently told a couple of friends, think of Categories as your subject/noun and your tags as your adjectives.  I actually get rid of some tags from old posts as I revisit them at times.

For those of you that don’t know, that’s a typewriter up there in the header photo. And I actually taught myself to type on one older than that and that’s probably why I’ve had to replace my laptop keyboard. (You had to hit them bad boys back then.) I was bored one summer and decided why not. I had a typing book and a typewriter so by the end of the summer I was flying away. The last time I was timed in typing I was over  100 words per minute. That was some time ago. But you can ask those who chat with me and they will tell you that I do type fast.


See Y’all Next Time


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Writing Tips: Character Beyond the Internal

We’ve come to Part 5 of the Character series.

To date:

Part 1: Creating Character Names

Part 2: What to Avoid when Creating Character

Part 3: Giving Your Characters Their Character

Part 4: Creating Believable Characters


So far these have been specifically internal or cosmetic developments of character, name being cosmetic to me. Now we need to give movement and life to the character.




Visual Traits and Tags

You are wondering what a Visual Tag (VT) is. A VT is that visual thing that you identify with the character. It could be a nervous tick such an eyes twitch or a swagger or how they wear their hat a certain way or even how they walk around with their shoes untied with short laces.  The VT gives a distinction to the character and should enhance connection and description of the character and server a purpose. For me the shoe laces would be for a younger person who is perhaps attempting to be cool or unique or trying to fit in with a certain crowd.


Dialogue Tags are things most writers now about, but don’t often consider being character related.  We think of them as he said or she said. But there are affectations a character may have that you can mention, or how they whistle on certain letters or cannot pronounced certain words or letters properly. Once established you don’ t overuse the tag any longer.



Dialogue; both Voice and Body Language

Dialogue is the key to your characters and often times the accepting or rejecting of your novel to be signed. I’ll get into Dialogue in another series because it is such a large subject but how one speaks externally and internally tells you everything you need to know about a character. Dialogue tends to be my stronger point, or so I believe, while I need to focus on a lot of the external and sensory things. Dialogue cannot be the book but it is a huge part of the book.


Body Language is something we forget about. The tension in how someone holds their shoulders drawn up so tight that they almost reach their ears.




What is another way to know a character? You need to see them in action. Seeing them react in certain situations and those reactions staying within character you have created. It’s an interesting thought but think of someone like Mr. T as B.A. on A-Team. Quiet for the most part, but his actions said enough. A tough guy with a heart. You didn’t really need any words. And it isn’t just action heroes this works with. You need to have the tender moments shown by the characters as well. Even a man on the witness stand  at a murder trial has action.


Until Next Time,

Much Respect


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Blog Tip: Tag Blog Articles Right

Blog Tip: Tag Blog Articles Right

by: Ronovan

Tags for Blogs isn’t easy. Or is it? You have a great article but no one comes to pay you a visit. Why not? You didn’t send out the invitations. I am going to make this pretty simple. Using a restaurant as an example to give you Blog Tagging Tips so that your Blog Articles will be friendlier to SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Think Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Welcome to Restaurant RonovanWrites.

Please look at my Menu on the right which I call Categories

Please select a Dish from the Entree List of Poetry, Writing, or any other Entree you would like.

The ingredients can be found at the bottom of each  Poetry,Writing, or whatever dish you like as the Tags.


Restaurant RonovanWrites isn’t a big deal to people. It means nothing. I need to have what people want. That means a nice menu they are looking for. An example would be Poetry. Okay so I have the dish but what are the ingredients in the dish? Some people want veggie tacos, some beef, pork, or chicken.


How will people know what you have unless you tell them?


So your dish is Poetry and now you need to tell the customer what is in the Poetry you are serving. You created the dish. You know what is in it, the feelings and descriptions. Those are your Tags.


If I have a poem about my Migraines that are very bad, my Tags might be; Migraines, Pain, Headaches, Suffering, Anger, Darkness, Personal, Depression. I normally also put in Poetry, Writing, and Creative Writing, and I if I am using a personal Photo I add Photography. Blogs is also a good Tag to use.


There are those who use just a few Tags, but in truth as long as you don’t go over say 10 or so, I think you’ll be fine.


Now when a Search Engine reaches out it will see your Tags and the Category. Your Title is also important. Make sure to only capitalize the important words, the proper words. And also use key words in the first paragraph or so of your article. If you notice during some of my articles I have the images about a paragraph down, at least the first image. This is why. Search Engines don’t read Images but they do read something the various descriptions you put in the images when you load them. More on that subject another time.


I want to explain something quickly. I haven’t been overly active in really trying to pull people into my site. I know how things work. I mainly work on creating. A lot of what I create does not lend itself to SEO or Search Engine Optimization results. If you are writing articles like this then you should use everything you can. For my poetry, I’m not going to write the first lines of my poetry so Search Engines will like it more.


I hope this helps.


Much Respect

Chef Ronovan

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