Scent of Fear

Haunt wafts through the air,

Like a scent of man’s

Release of bowels.



(my second for my prompt challenge this week of haunt&release-screams pain.)

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10 thoughts on “Scent of Fear

    • Nope. I was thinking of fear and the reactions it causes with a touch of humor if people wanted to put that spin on it. So is that why people aren’t liking it much today? I suppose Screams Pain was more the speed for the prompt. There is a third one out at noon for the prompt that has nothing to do with fear or spooky stuff.


    • I couldn’t help it. Oddly, in the Old Testament the bowels were the place of love and passion, not the heart. Saw that on a Mark Lowery video. So in a way it could be the man was releasing his passion. But I liked to keep that inside my head and see the thoughts of other people. 🙂


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