RonovanWrites #16 Haiku Prompt Challenge Rewind Haunt&Release

Here with the 16th Haiku Prompt Challenge Rewind, Recap, Round up . . . oh ronovan_writes_haiku_prompt_badge_autumn_2014whatever you like to call it. It’s going to be a bit free flowing today to get things out to you. I love all the participation these prompts bring. I was told not to be so effusive with my excitement when I write about things, but I’ve decided that’s what is me and that’s what I will do. So let’s get his party started.

The prompt words were Haunt&Release.  Both provided by yours truly. I being truly.

NEW To Us This Week!

Marigold of Versus Blurb joins us this week with what I call “From Dust to marigoldBlood”. I think give the Haiku, two of them in somewhat of a legend story form, along with the explanation of them, led me to the name I chose. Almost sounds like a book title. I’ll have to remember it. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE!


Now for those regular haunts around this haunt

AC_ElliottA.C. Elliott of File Cabinet Ramblings brings the pain. He gave us Haunted Soul. Combining of art work and poetry accent each well. @elliott_ac

And a second one, A New Haunt. Whoa, don’t scroll down too far or you will see a scary site. Scare the bee dithers out of you if you don’t like slithery things. Jumpin’ Gee Hot Flashes!

Colleen of Silver Threading is up next with The Haunting. Another great one Colleen_Silver_Threadingwith an unexpected use age of the words.  A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! @ColleenChesebro


Meredith and Martha of Meredith’s Musings, My Literary Angels.

MeredithsMusingsMeredith – Haunting Melody and Released Ghosts

Martha – My Request and   Comfort

As always a bit of love, a bit of children and a bit of the season. . @meredithlbl

Ruth of Mad Meandering Me brought two Haiku this week, PerfumRuthe. I am just surprised at the different usages this week. I thought of ghosts and things of that nature but getting a lot of variety. Awesome.


Cyril Bussiere showed up with two offerings this week. “Tormcyrilented” & “Enshrined in Dreams“. Straight to the points in his offerings this week. Neither needed me to think too much. I have a feeling he took pity on the old man.  @cyrilbussiere


T.A. Wyatt of Finale to an Entrance gave us Halloween. I like that, straight TAforward. Go and see it. It is most definitely Halloween centered. Does that frighten you? Would it help if I said Elizabeth called it a “cutie”? @FinaletoEntranc



Kimberly of K.S. Fause gave us Onward. Okay, great image, great Haiku. She ksfausenails it every week. It’s just awesome. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! @ksfause


Elizabeth of Tea & Paper wrote a spooky one I call “Getting Close“. An overtly Halloween inspired offering and I liked that.  ElizabethI like that she did not veer away from the obviousness of the prompts’ meaning.



Wendy of Wendy Anne Darling certainly delivered a messwendy_darlingage with MemoriesA story of what I would think of a lost love in some from.  @AuthorWDarling



Becca of On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea came up with Cutting Chi Releases BeccaDrops of Blood. I enjoyed this one for going in a unique direction. Very nice. @rgbickerstaff



Canaf of Faithful Devotions shared Freedom this week. I looked at the Canafmessage in this one this week and see a few interpretations but I choose that time here is but a blink of an eye and then we are free from it all.



Hugh of Hugh’s Views & News gave his seasonal offering of “Release the Spirits“. Hugh LoadedOkay this is a RONOVAN’S CHOICE! I have to say this was a surprise and the humor of it caught me.  @RobertHughes05


Kate of Dazzling Whimsy gives her what I call “Loss“.  I said last week “Kate only Kate2 - Copyknows one way to write and that is with her heart.” Well this weeks Haiku speaks from the heart. A loss of friends just recently led to the writing of this one. From an illness she had but is okay now. And she has promised to go to the doctor/hospital next time! ARONOVAN’S CHOICE! @17katelee 

Claudette of to search and find happiness in everything, gives us what I call Claudette  “My Haunt“. A use of haunt in the way of a place rather than a ghost or memory I believe.



Florence of Rambling On brings what I have named “The Future“. If you Florence Thaven’t visited, check this one out. It might take you a moment to get my title,  I think you will. @FTThum



Battered Wife Seeking Better Life wrote  “My Life“. The titbatteredwifeseekingbetterlifele she chose makes a lot of sense. Her story and the Haiku itself say it all. @bwseekingbl



Carol of Mama Cormier wrote “Night Terrors”. I almost didn’t read it with thatCarol_Cormier name and my imagination, but i did anyway. Then I read it and yep I should have listened to myself.  



Elke of writingindevizes wrote Anticipating. If you didn’t check out her site Elkethis past week do so now and hope she hasn’t changed it yet. Awesome! And she actually did FOUR haiku. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE!

And another one!  Dark night.


Faith Unlocked gave us Released by Light. Great message as always. A nofaithunlocked surprise message. Sometimes you think saying that no surprise is a bad thing but I think keeping with your message throughout your blog is a good thing at times. @FaithUnlocked


I say each week “what a variety” and each week I mean it. This week really stood out as one where people stretched a bit to find those different meanings. I missed some of our regulars. I am always sad when I have to take a face out of the rewind. I know it is usually only for a week but it still hurts a bit. Yeah, I know, I’m silly, but that’s me.

I did a few Haiku this week as well, just so y’all would remember I knew how. The host has to show his skills at times.

Thank y’all for participating.

Much Respect


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4 thoughts on “RonovanWrites #16 Haiku Prompt Challenge Rewind Haunt&Release

  1. I won! I mean, I got a Ronovan’s Choice! Thank you so much & I’m glad you liked it. Love the title too – I wish I’d thought of that!
    This was fun – I’m going to try again next week 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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