RonovanWrites #17 #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge Rewind Focus&Stray

The Big 17. That’s Correctamundo folks, here is the 17th Haiku Prompt Challenge Rewind.

Did you make it?

Did you not?

Did you enter?

Did you forgot?

It rhymed, so ignore the structure. But that’s right folks. To get into the Rewind all you had to do was write one and somehow let me know, either with a copy of your link in the comments or a ping back.

The prompt words were Focus & Stray.


I want to say something real quick. The Haiku Prompt Challenge is becoming like a little community of friends. With that in mind please follow each other wherever you are able to. Also check out each others site for the Haiku offerings as well. Each week I know what names I will see in the ‘likes’ and comments of each person. It’s kind of nice to have that reassurance that someone is out there, you know?

Now on with the show.

New to us this Week!

(Don’t you just love when new people show up?)

Michelle (Nato) Lunato of Chasing Life and Finding Dreams: Her Haiku today is The Pain of Love Gone Wrong. Everyone needs to check this one out. Especially if you’ve had a love gone astray. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! I’m not really sure michelle_lunato_photographer.jpgwhich name she likes to go by, all of them are amazing names. I mean really, who does not like the name Michelle unless they have had evil encounters with one. Hmm. Memories are coming back to the amnesiac but I love all her names. And you have to love her blog name as well. From her About page; “My goal is to share my humorous stories from deployments and random thoughts on life (all in effort to work on my writing muscles). I hope to make people laugh, cry, and maybe, just maybe, realize they need to seize the moment. The world will never slow down and things may never be in a perfect place for you to start your dreams. ” She also has a photography blog; Michelle Lunato Photography. @michellelunato 



Who reached the finish line first?


Ruth of Mad Meandering Me: Lost in thought… No that’s the name of her Haiku, not what happened to me just then. I gave her the Stop Watch Award for the first to enter this week. Now I might have to actually come up with an award. I think her offering really captured the heart of the matter.


Kimberly of K.S. Fause: A NaNoWriMo Haiku. Other than the threats of repercussions by Hugh against me, this was awesome. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! Very much in the spirit of the month and the madness. @ksfause


A.C. of File Cabinet Ramblings: Thoughts Like Snowflakes. A very peaceful and almost meditative use of the prompts this week. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! Also A.C. offered a second one titled Like Scattered Leaves after his thoughts had focused.


Becca of On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea: Focus Strays. I didn’t realize the prompt words made a title but that’s what Becca is here for, to teach me things.  I don’t think this was about hunting although rabbits were mentioned. @rgbickerstaff


Meredith’s Musings and the Angels Meredith and Martha: Meredith dedicated her two offerings this week to Nicholas the White and Writer’s Block. What to meet them? Go check it out. Martha’s offerings are called Lost and Found. @meredithlbl


Elizabeth of Tea & Paper: The Present is Now. People enjoyed this on her site and connected with it. I liked the use of a word in her Haiku and interpreted it my own way. Go check it out.


Carol of Mama Cormier: New Glasses and Lost. That’s right, two offerings. I just knew something would be good when I saw the ‘New Glasses’ title. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! New Glasses, I tell you when someone needs them and is driving you places, it’s a religious experience. @carol_cormier


T.A. Wyatt of Finale to an Engrance: Lost Horizon: The Ambition Haiku. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! I think this one says a lot. Also have you checked out this author’s books at Amazon? @finaletoanEntranc

Cyril of Cyril Bussiere: Till I Bloom. The only thing missing from this Haiku was a comment from Hugh about a bucket of ice water. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! Also check out Cyril’s Books on Amazon. (And Hugh did a review of ‘Short Shorts‘ as well.) @CyrilBussiere

 Kate of Dazzling Whimsy: I will use the one word comments by two of our own as the title for this one. Romantic Perfection. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! @17katelee


Angie of Angie Does Until She Doesn’t: To The Beach! Okay so I named this one and the Haiku is actually more peaceful than this but hey, when you see the word beach you just have to exclaim it. @mrsreadmorbooks


Hugh of Hugh’s Views & News: SCORE! Yes, I named the Haiku this week. There are many ways you can interpret Hugh’s ‘sporting’ Haiku this week. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! @RobertHughes05


Canaf of Faith Devotionals: Restless Mind. I think we can all relate to this one. Especially one who’s mind at times does not shut down at night.


Colleen of Silver Threading: Two Souls. Why Colleen doesn’t post her link in comments so all of you can go and see her I have no idea. Grrr! Love the Haiku. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! @ColleenChesebro


Claudette of to search and to find happiness in every day: Your Hopeful Smile. A Haiku that sneaks up on you. Or it did me. It took a second read for me to get my own meaning from it. A good one. An enjoyable moment of reflection.


Marigold of Versus Bulb: Blinding Darkness. A story in three Haiku and a bit of information about the image used along with some humor added. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE!


Florence of Rambling On: Intent Attention. Another one Hugh missed with the cold bucket of water. @FTThum


Faith Unlocked: Return to the Fold. Great message as always. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE!  @FaithUnlocked


Battered Wife Seeking Better Life: Mischievous Grin. A lighthearted and fun one this week, although if I were certain people I might would be a big concerned. @BWseekingBL


Carolyn of Reviews & Recommendations: Up or Down? One look at the photo used here and you will fall out of your chair, off your bed, or off your rocker. Every week I always get reminded to call my mother about this time. Her name is Carolyn as well. I don’t always call though, she always thinks there must be something wrong. Well a call about me usually does mean something has happened.


I’ll close out this weeks rewind with a final Haiku.

From your lips sounds stray,

As the night continues on,

My focus is you.


Much Respect


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17 thoughts on “RonovanWrites #17 #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge Rewind Focus&Stray

    • I’ll be putting the Photos in next week. Just thought I would change it up this week.I think I sounded ranty somewhere yesterday about doing different things. But I didn’t mean to. It keeps my mind busy. And even now I am not sure if I actually did say something ranty or not. Yeah, unfortunately it’s starting off as one of those days. Gotta love being me.

      Thanks for the kind words. I do like the community that has been created and we’ve met some very nice people through it.

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