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I’m Alright. Don’t nobody worry about me.

Yesterday I wrote an article about why people are still blogging. I have a reason you should be. however I also mentioned how my blog views had slipped and asked for some feedback. I think that turned into the purpose of the blog. The thing is, yes my views have decreased, but I’m not in any danger of like being unemployed. For one I don’t get paid to do this. (Pause for chuckles.)

(Continue) BUT really, I’m All Right, Don’t nobody worry about me.

(Wait for everyone to stop gopher dancing.)



(Continue) I came into Blog World without any views and I can stay in Blog World without any views. Yeah, I like them. And seriously I am good with my number of my views, if not I know how to increase them.

I asked people to give me reasons they might see as to why THEY think I might have fewer views. I was waiting to see who chimed in and what advice I received. You see, I know the reasons.

  • I have changed a little of what my content is.
  • Summer is over and school is in session so there is a little less viewing time for a lot of people.
  • I don’t write depressing, pain riddled poetry much if at all any longer
  • I don’t put out 3+ articles a day, I do sometimes but it’s rare and only if I really like something.
  • It’s football season here in the US of A.
  • I also don’t Tweet and advertise quite like I used to.

Does this mean I don’t have a lot of views? I don’t really know what a lot of views means. I would like to think that I do okay. I mean I know what some sites get as I have been in the background working on them and I am higher and lower depending on the site.

Do I plan to do something to try and raise my numbers up? No. You see if you try to do something to raise your numbers, people know it. I pretty much have had fun my entire blogging except that I did feel a need to put out at least three post per day. Why? I wanted to put out a variety of content for different possible visitors.

Some might point to my new site as being an energy eater. Most of you know I have a limited amount of energy, although I always seem to be around. Pain is pain and if you give in you get no gain. Right? Right.  And yes LitWorldInterviews is taking a lot of energy out of me. I actually need an assistant to help format some of my work over there. Formatting is my hard part. My hands don’t work so well. I am working on getting voice to text to work so I can ‘write’ by speaking. Yes, that’s how bad my hands are.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining about how busy LWI is. I mean two author interviews per week, a current series on Author Presence, Book Reviews by four people out in one week, plus Feature Articles. Who even knew that would happen? And I’m still not doing all that I want to do there. Only one of me.

Well, sorry I spoke about LWI, I am trying not to do that so much here on my personal blog but it is part of my life, and there is stuff going on there that I think some of you here on RonovanWrites would like to know about. But I just wanted people to know that I am fine and don’t plan to do anything different. I am happy with my blog and what is happening. I still have more than enough views. And I know the events that cause them to be low at times.


Much Love and Respect to all you reading



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3 thoughts on “I’m Alright. Don’t nobody worry about me.

  1. I can’t speak for anyone else but personally I fell behind on all of my blog reading this week due to family issues. (I don’t think I’m personally responsible for your drop in views……gee, I sure hope I’m not!) I know that doesn’t really help. All I can say is that my reading habits remain pretty consistent other than this week.

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