RonovanWrites #19 #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge Rewind Truth&Deep

The 19th hole. It’s a golfing term basically meaning, the game is over and it’s time to celebrate. Okay, that’s my definition of it for today, tonight. But for our purposes it means  the . . .

19th Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge Rewind!

The budget is still low for the celebratory offerings this week. Not sure if anyone needed an extra magazine for a flight to New York or markers to make a big sign at the Macy’s parade, but we’ll let it go for now.


Just a reminder, all you had to do to get into the Rewind was write a Haiku and somehow let me know, either with a copy of your link in the comments or a ping back.

The prompt words were Truth & Deep.

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New this WEEK!

Pamela of countonwords: From her About page. “As I write there is a small release of what goes on inside my head: what powers it, disturbs it and distracts it. Cathartic and satisfying, there are few socially acceptable things that are as utterly addictive.” Her Haiku is, well she has three of the; Why Politicians Thrive, Truth is Difficult and A Deep Truth. The first two each qualify as A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! Speaking to the teacher in me of history and thus government and the second just speaking to me.

The Stop Watch Award goes to . . .A NEW WINNER!

A.C. of File Cabinet Ramblings: A Mystery. What’s it about? Well I’m not going to tell you. It’s a mystery! DUH!  You have to go look for yourself.  GEESH!


T.A. Wyatt of Finale to an Entrance: Inner Truth. First of all, the header photo. WARNING NEXT TIME! I am still freaking out. And I am not even afraid of the things. It’s just those eyes and the different colors and they stare at you. Oh, and the Haiku spoke to me quite a bit. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! for that reason. Remember to check out this author’s books at Amazon. @finaletoanEntranc


Becca of On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea: Deep Truth. Appropriate title for a Haiku of such deep and delving like meaning. Deep and delving? Sounds like future prompt words to me. Check out her Haiku like apparently everyone else on the planet does. I want her number of likes! I’m not hating on her popularity at ALL!  @rgbickerstaff


Kimberly of K.S. Fause: Time. . @ksfause  I lost myself in this one a bit. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! You can check her comments for my lost words.


Cyril of Cyril Bussiere: Truth. A good message with different meanings. I like a poem that can have a meaning that sometimes isn’t how intended or is but others think of it a different way. Also check out Cyril’s Books on Amazon@CyrilBussiere

Michelle (Nato) Lunato of Chasing Life and Finding Dreams: Deep Truths Untold. Well, I got wordy in my comment on her site, and thinky. You know that’s never a good thing. But her Haiku this week made me think a bit about something I actually recently wrote about on my Christian blog. @michellelunato 

Colleen of Silver Threading: The Deepest of Truths. I think perhaps a story told about more than the subject used for the Haiku. Excellent form used as well. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! @ColleenChesebro

Claudette of to search and to find happiness in every day: Deep Truth. A somewhat sad but true Haiku, at least to me. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE!

Claudette also has if you’re looking for answers: Truth in the Deep.

Meredith’s Musings and the Angels Meredith and Martha: I chose to name the Angels’ offerings this week in a combined Fiath of a Child. And I need to come up with happier prompts for Meredith to get  her perky on. @meredithlbl

Canaf of Faithful Homesteader: You Can’t Handle My Truth. I really enjoyed the thinkyness of this one in that I believe I have thought in a way some didn’t. Imagine that, I had strange thoughts. So unusual for me. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE!


Florence of Rambling On: Confrontations. A Haiku of self and the search of finding the truth of who and what you are, I think. But with her I am probably wrong. And if I am right she’ll tell me I am wrong just to make me think about it. @FTThum


Hugh of Hugh’s Views & News: Angel of my Heart After all the great comments on his Haiku I suppose he has to be A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! @RobertHughes05


Marigold of Versus Bulb: You Don’t Have To. A festive type image, I think. At least that’s what I took away from it. Very good message.  A must read. Click on the image to see it large sized. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! .


Steven S. Walsky of Simplicity Lane: dig deep. I enjoyed the way the image and message were put together, the layout. Very much a image thing to send around to people.  A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! Just a reminder of to check out Steven’s books at Barnes & Nobles as well as other sites noted on his blog such as Smashwords.


Carolyn of Reviews & Recommendations: Deep truth. She even rhymed it. Now that’s something in and of itself.


Faith Unlocked: Jesus Is My Lord and . Do I really have to say good message? I didn’t think so. Go read ’em.  @FaithUnlocked


Kate of Dazzling WhimsyUnsure My Dear. No, she’s not talking to me. I asked. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! @17katelee

I of course gave my own offering up this week. Although I put forth an example each week with the challenge I feel as though I need to also put out another, this one I called Truth buried deep within. This was more of a series of Haiku in story form. It is called Renga. I haven’t delved into a challenge for that but you can use that if you wish for the Haiku Prompt Challenge.

The closing Haiku for this weeks Challenge words?

I hold memories

Of a love long drempt about,

I long for deeply.


Much Respect


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