RonovanWrites #20 #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge Rewind Hunt&Wind

20. My favorite number. I have no idea why, but it is for some reason. It’s also the . . .

20th Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge Rewind!

Just a reminder, all you had to do to get into the Rewind was write a Haiku and somehow let me know, either with a copy of your link in the comments or a ping back.

The prompt words were Hunt & Wind.

Another reminder is to follow the members of our little community here on their sites and Twitter. Show and share the love, right? Are you following our friends here? I include links to their sites and Twitters if they have them.


You might notice the new badge I created for A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! Haiku recipients. For those selected they can add this to their Haiku post if they like. It’s entirely up to them but I saw someone had created something to let people know they had received that selection and thought I should at least put forth the effort. I just never thought anyone would think that much of it.

New this WEEK!

Mira of They, You and Me: From her about page: “While writing my miraposts on I realized that I had more to share. Life never ceases to amaze me, amuse me and play games with me. I think that all of us go through a lot in life  and when we go through it together it becomes easy to traverse the unknown paths. Lets join hands and minds to strive to inspire each other to love a happy life.” Love Hunt. A very sorrowful tone set and a message I think we can each relate to at some point in our lives.


Patty of I Am Not Sick Boy: From her about ronovans_choicepage:  I am a Physician Assistant with many years of medical experience in my background. But, nothing could have prepared me for the confusion and frustration that was ahead for me when my youngest child, Alex, was born with varied chronic problems. It is my intention to help you get through the web of insurance, hospitals and doctors so you can get down to your real job: Taking care of your child.   Cold Winds. Greatly enjoyed this one.


The Stop Watch Award goes to . . .A NEW WINNER!Cheryl_Lynn

Cheryl-Lynn of Tournesol dans un Jardin: In Quest. With the possibilities of the prompts this week it took me a few moments to actually get the Haiku. @CherylShares


Wendy of Wendy Anne Darling: On the hunt.  Sometimes you dont know to be afraid or be hopeful when you read a Haiku. Either about the topic and intent or about who the person of thought is. Sigh, oh well.  @AuthorWDarling


Becca of On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea: From the Hronovans_choiceunt. Becca nailed the holiday with this one in many ways. I am sure many will have memories come to them when they read it and as many already have. her visual presentation was excellent. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE!  @rgbickerstaff


T.A. Wyatt of Finale to an Entrance: The Hunt: An Autumn Haiku. The header photo still gets me. Another timely Haiku from the other side of the lens this time.c Remember to check out this author’s books at Amazon. @finaletoanEntranc


Cyril of Cyril Bussiere: It Begs. I think Cyril has been in Texas a bit too long. Apparently he’s done gone on a snipe hunt down in a holler. It done been callin’ up tuh him at night. Also check out Cyril’s Books on Amazon@CyrilBussiere


ksfauseKimberly of K.S. Fause: FollowThe visual was ronovans_choiceexcellent as always. Kimberly has the eye for combining her words with art. She also writes thought provoking pieces. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! @ksfause



Ruth of Mad Meandering Me: Crazy ronovans_choiceHair Lady. Ruth returns with a vengeance. Like a roaring wind whipping through the land. So much of roar she has stirred she has forced from my hands A RONOVAN’S CHOICE!



Steven S. Walsky of Simplicity Lane: Last Kiss. Okay ronovans_choiceso as I was writing the rewind up to this point I was planning to write a romantic Haiku for a post with the prompt words. Then I come upon this. Now I have to kick it up a notch. A very ‘delicate’ Haiku in many ways. As you read it you are almost afraid you could break it.  A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! Just a reminder of to check out Steven’s books at Barnes & Nobles as well as other sites noted on his blog such as Smashwords.



ronovans_choiceFaith Unlocked: Vain Folly. The message in this Haiku is one that could be expanded upon in so many ways. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE!  @FaithUnlocked



ronovans_choiceMarigold of Versus Bulb: Blood of the Hunted.
Read the poetically written words
Then find the poets meaning
What’s hidden is more than think
Wrapped inside your limbs find your own gleaning.  A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! .



ronovans_choiceElke of writingindevizes: Bright Figurine: 12: Big Long Light Longleat Dragon. Okay this is just so awesome. The image and the Haiku that is perfect with it. I mean this one is so much fun! I love it! A RONOVAN’S CHOICE!


Colleen of Silver Threading: Cookie Crumb Lips. She used the word wind in a way others didn’t. Is that what makes her a A RONOVAN’S CHOICE!? No, you have to go see and you’ll give her some honor of some sort as well.  @ColleenChesebro



Canaf of Faithful Homesteader: Dreams. I gave bonus points for the Beatles song included. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE!




Carolyn of Reviews & Recommendations: Deep truth. Hunting for the impossible?



Florence 2

Florence of Rambling On: Of Contradictions by ronovans_choiceFlorence. At first a simple Haiku it would seem but then you pause and the flood begins to rush through your mind. I left my comment, but it’s in moderation until our lady of Australia wakes up. It was a very good comment too. Florence’s daughter ‘S’ contributed this week with a Haiku I call Captured. Very sensory filled Haiku. Both of the Aussie ladies receive A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! @FTThum



BatteredWifeSeekingBetterLife: Winded is what I ronovans_choicechose to call this one. Go check out the Haiku because I think you all have been winded in this manner before and probably are right now. A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! @BWseekingBL


Michelle (Nato) of Chasing Life and Finding Dreams: Cold of the Hunt. Ah, a Hunger Games inspired Haiku. Go check it out. And also check out MichelleLuantoPhotography.

I of course gave my own offering up this week, a last minute one that I had wanted to be a romantic one but as often happens with me turned out something else.  Remnants.

The closing Haiku for this weeks Challenge words?

Hunting high and low,

I long for your presence here,

Winding together.

Much Respect


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8 thoughts on “RonovanWrites #20 #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge Rewind Hunt&Wind

  1. Thank you for the very nice comment! You should give your Haiku a ‘reader’s choice’ award. And thank you for the Ronovans Choice Award. Please forgive me for not posting it; while I very much appreciate the recognition, I do not post awards.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So in all honesty, as I was scrolling down reading your comments and seeing who and how many received a Ronovan’s Choice this was the conversation I was having with myself:

    Sheesh…if he’s going to give a Ronovan’s Choice to almost everyone who participated what’s the point? Then it’s not exciting. It almost makes it worse if you didn’t get one. Maybe he should only give one a week….OOOHHH I GOT A RONOVAN’S CHOICE!!! YAY!!!…..what was I saying again??

    Yeah…that’s pretty much how it went. 🙂


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