Get a Free Review of your Kindle Book?

You have written your book. You have formatted your book and have it on Amazon. Now it’s time to get to work.


What Balloon


You thought it was over with? Not by a long shot. Now you have to get the book sold. Part of that I discussed in Advertising Your Book, For Free.

But just advertising doesn’t cut it. Some people want to know if other people like your book. Is your book worth the time? This means reviews. So how do you get reviews?

  •  Get friends to read and review, but you’ll have to give them the book. And more than likely, sure Man reading bookthey’ll give you a good review but you want an honest review. But you’re thinking, “No, I want good reviews.” If you have your list full of great reviews and then some big paper comes along and reviews it there might be fallout. Most likely not but I would rather have an honest review. I want the truth.
  • Get Beta Readers to read your book, of course and then ask them to give a review, but some of them require payment and the book. And as a Beta Reader they might know all the parts you had to rewrite and you really want fresh eyes unless you just know you will get an objective opinion. I have started Beta Reading and I’m objective. I Beta Read for two good friends of mine and I don’t pull punches but I also see the big picture. I can do both sides of the role.

There is another way.

Kindle Reviews from Amazon.Magnifying Glass on Book

They have three versions:



Free Review-One Review for FREE! Yes I said FREE.
You submit your book and usually within 7-14 days you have a review. You aren’t guaranteed a review but normally it does get reviewed. A lot of times the reviewer is another author who is looking for people to review their work. That doesn’t mean you need to review that person’s work or anyone else.

I thought about just stopping here originally but I decided to go ahead and let you know about Amazon’s two paid review services.


FastTrack-5 Reviews
You pay for a team of reviewers. Reviews are published within 7-14 days. They mention that if you really want the online browser to be influenced you might want 10 reviews. I believe I read somewhere it was $40 for a review team of 5.


FastTrack Pro
You pay for 5 reviews but the team of reviewers will buy your book and not only have your reviews out in 7-14 days but will also help your Amazon Sales Rank a little.  It’s $90 for this service but of course you get some back through the purchase of your book which boosts your sales rank a little and you rise a little in the browser influence.

Why do this?
You get honest reviews from people you don’t know. As a writer that’s what you want. It gives you more than just help getting your book noticed it also helps you learn how your book is being received.

One Final Way

You can also let me know at ronovanwrites (at) gmail (dot) com and I can connect you to one of the book reviewers at or even myself. As long as it’s a book we are interested in and you have an ebook format provided to us (protected PDF, protected Word Document, Kindle whatever), we will provide an honest review of it. I repeat an HONEST review of it. At least five us do reviews as time permits. You let me know and I then email your information to one of the LWI reviewers and they contact you so you can get them the e copy. Or really if you check out our Book Reviews at LWI you can actually request a certain Reviewer if you like through me or contact them. Just check out our staff list, myself included (although my heading doesn’t say Book Review Team, I do a bit of everything).

Much Respect



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14 thoughts on “Get a Free Review of your Kindle Book?

    • Tell you a secret. But shhh, don’t tell anyone. You can actually sign up to be a reviewer and get to read books for free just for giving a review. And depending on which level you are at I think you get paid. 😀

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the information. I am a little different boat, as a children’s picture book author, but it is great advice. I released my book last month. Face-to-face sales have been great, but I struggle with how to boost my online sales. I value connecting with fellow writers via WordPress and other social media. I have learned a lot and made some new friends. I wish you the best with your endeavors.


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  2. Good Evening Ron,
    Tour advice, especially about PAID Reviews through Amazon is excellent. You actually convinced me that, for example the Amazon Fast Track Pro is worth it. I had always felt that paying for a Review would give you all the great reviews, whereas receiving reviews from objective readers who take their time to post a review was the more ethical way to go. NOW I have LEARNED something new and valuable in getting book reviews.


    Mike Phelps

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    • Author Jo Robinson, who works with me on my LitWorldInterviews site is a die hard self-pub Queen. But this is her advice. Try your had at self-publishing something that is not your baby you’ve been working on for years first. Learn the self-publishing ins and outs or something else. Perhaps a short story collection. You will see what all goes into it from the formatting and book cover game all the way to the promotion and marketing of it. Depending on your urgency, traditional agenting is great as well, or you can go to a publisher directly. On, my author promotion site, the feature interview from yesterday is a publisher who specializes in Indie Authors without agents.


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