RonovanWrites 22 #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge ReCap

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22nd Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge ReCap!

Just a reminder, all you had to do to get into the ReCap was write a Haiku and somehow let me know, either with a copy of your link in the comments or a ping back.

The prompt words were Belong & Run.

Another reminder is to follow the members of our little community here on their sites and Twitter. Show and share the love, right? Are you following our friends here? I include links to their sites and Twitters if they have them.

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Moving Forward there will be Two  A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! Haiku recipients each week. One for Humor and one for more Serious. It was brought to my attention that perhaps if I were giving it to everyone then why even bother. And in truth for those of you who remember I used to choose category recipients early on I suppose this makes sense. Proper structure may become a big decider at times. By structure I mean the 1&2 and 2&3 verses making sentences. But the message, as you all know is always what is more important to me in this challenge. The problem? There are so many great messages that I have to use something. So now, my job just got more difficult. Let the games begin. May your days be long but your poems be short.

The Stop Watch Award goes to . . . A NEW WINNER!


Carolyn of Reviews & Recommendations: I belong home?. Two Haiku I gave a combined one name. A unifying message I think.



T.A. Wyatt of Finale to an Entrance: Into the Void. Okay, my mind is tripping over this one. I so get it yet I am still like wrapping the brain around it. Remember to check out this author’s books at Amazon. @finaletoanEntranc

faithunlockedFaith Unlocked: The Long and Short of it. Surprisingly straightforward use of the prompts. Excellent in all aspects. @FaithUnlocked


Ruth of Mad Meandering Me: Lost Soul. Very nice Haiku. A great message and structure. I am not sure why she wrote a Haiku about me, but still I can appreciate good work.



Kimberly of K.S. Fause: Spirit. No surprise of a good offering with a very nice image. I could identify with this one. Good message. @KSFause



Becca of On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea: Kittens Belong. A very true story shared by our Becca. @rgbickerstaff



Florence 2

Florence of Rambling On: Searching. Yep, Florence gave one of those almost philosophicthal sounding Haiku. I get it, but will understand it in a few days. @FTThum


Steven WalSteven_S_Walskysky of Simplicity Lane: The Song. A very good thought of how to live life. One only Steve could come up with, or so I have noticed. Remember to check out his books on Barnes & Noble by clicking here and Smashwords here.



Colleen of Silver Threading: Fairy Magic. Colleen wrote what at first appears something obvious but then you break it down into the 1&2 and 2&3 structure and it hits you in the face. My mouth dropped open at it because of the contrast.  @ColleenChesebro



KiwiBee of Snap Thoughts: Young Love, Free Rein and New Paths Yes, three Haiku this week. Love is in the air. But does it stay or does it go? Go and read, and you may know.


Marigold of Versus Bulb: Arms Wide Open
I think we all wish we could do this but for some of us ignorance is bliss. See so many would rather live wrong, than to ever find out where they truly belong.



Melissa of This, Right Now: Mother to Child. Kind of a sad one but a must really. The photo in part made me almost cry thinking about it.



Elke of writingindevizes: Christmastime.  Okay, funny. After the first photo I just knew what was going to be next, I just knew it. Was I right? Go find out and hold your tree tight? Or maybe the cat might.


michelle_lunato_photographer.jpgMake sure to check this one out as the pingback went to a different blogger’s blog.

Michelle (Nato) of Chasing Life and Finding Dreams: Lover’s Passion. All I can say is in the words of Hugh  when he comes across a Haiku like this “Where is the bucket of ice water.” @MichelleLunato


MeredithsMusingsGo see! The pingback didn’t work this week for Meredith. WordPress has been doing a lot of revamping this week, as you may have noticed and I fear somethings have gone amiss. I went hunting just in case and I found HAIKU!

Meredith and Martha of Meredith’s Musings: Two each from the two Literary Angels this week. Great ones this week with seasons and pets. @Meredithlbl




 Elke of writingindevizes with Christmastime.  The tree-the cat-the anticipation.

Elkeronovan writes humor haiku badge




Colleen of SilverThreading with Fairy Magic  and the contrast of those two sentences just hit me so hard. You can tell time was put into this one.

Colleen_Silver_Threadingronovan writes serious haiku choice badge





I of course gave my own offerings up this week.  Run Away and I belong.

The closing Haiku for this weeks Challenge words?

To belong is fine,

As long as you remain true,

Run where you feel free.

Much Respect


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