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My Sunday Thought: Love Never Fails

What’s Ronovan Write’s favorite subject to write about? Himself. No, although I guess technically it is mostly all about me in some form or fashion. It is my blog after all. Writing? No, not that either. Poetry, nope, try again. Wait, that was three strikes.

I’ll give you a hint.

1 Corinthians 13:8

Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

I know many of you guessed it already. Love. Ronovan loves love. Yes, Spring is in the air and all the bunnies are . . . wait, I almost went Warner Brothers cartoon there and it sho’ ain’t Spring up here in the wooly, well here in the South Eastern parts of the United States. My aching joints will testify in court to that. I think my left elbow is about to explode.

Why this verse today? Well, I am writing a book about love. No, seriously. I am actually writing a book on the topic of love. Non fiction and all. And then today I was given this verse to study and share. Not a man for believing in coincidences. Nope.

Basically the verse is saying that everything else we have, all the gifts, talents and even knowledge we have can end, be gone, done, over with, kaput but love will be there. God’s love will be there. Love will be there.

Most of you know my story. Concussion from a fall in my home. Retrograde amnesia, short term memory problems and all of that. I can’t do math to save my life now. Seriously. During the cognitive test I had to take there were times I would just see a math problem and look at the guy and say “nope”. I look at common things at times and have no idea what they are or perhaps how to use them. But I have a hi IQ, so don’t get any ideas.

Looking around I think we need to remember that. I take that love and dish it out. I share it. I give. I like to show the love. “SHOW ME THE LOVIN’!” I think that was really what Cuba Gooding Jr. was asking from Tom Cruise in that movie where he was completed. It wasn’t money. Cuba really wanted someone to commit to him. To show the love.

You know, we go through life and meet people and say “I love you”, “I’m in loooove with you.” Love does not fail. Love never fails. If that feeling, that person falls away, it wasn’t love. Not the love I am speaking of. You can love a friend, but that’s not the love I am speaking of. You can love someone a great deal up to the point of the love I am speaking of and THINK it is the love I am speaking of. People are often fooled by it.

I look at love that way. I love, I love hard. I am as they say, all in. I don’t go half way. I don’t know how.

Love never fails. That’s my Sunday Thought. In this day and age of crazy we need something to hang on to.  I choose love. That’s my thought and the message I am sending out. The message I want known. Love never fails. Do you hear me out there? People fail. Love NEVER fails.

love never fails banner

Much Love


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5 thoughts on “My Sunday Thought: Love Never Fails

  1. I know it is the season but this was basically the theme of my lessons in school this week – forget about the commercial frenzy that we are all expected to ‘enjoy’ and participate in, just DO something for someone: you are left with love and that is a gift worth giving AND worth having.
    I really enjoyed reading this, Ronovan, thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am happily anticipating your book on LOVE…I like the verse you quoted here, and how true it is. I am a hopeless romantic…I tried to erase that part of me, but I don’t think it will ever truly be gone. Then I thought that perhaps God, in His infinite ways, could use all of me, and yes, even the romantic part of me, to express through. Now I understand you are not speaking of romantic love here, but it reminded me of how that part of me subsided to allow in the greater Love…

    So now I think I’ll go post a poem I wrote about this, since your post reminded me of it.

    Blessings for deep and perfect Love in your life,


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