RonovanWrites 24 #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge ReCap

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24th Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge ReCap!

To get into the ReCap write a Haiku and somehow let me know, either with a copy of your link in the comments or a ping back. A quick note, the ping backs don’t always work properly. I really want people to visit each of you so please be sure to copy your link in the comments.

  • Follow members of our community, especially if you are participating. Not only on blogs but on Twitter and elsewhere. Support each other.

The prompt words were Innocence & Life.

Two  A RONOVAN’S CHOICE! Haiku recipients are chosen each week. One for Humor and one for a more Serious tone. Proper structure may become a big decider at times. By structure I mean the 1&2 and 2&3 verses making sentences. But the message, as you all know is always what is more important to me in this challenge. The problem? There are so many great messages that I have to use something. So now, my job just has become more difficult. Let the games begin. May your days be long but your poems be short.

 New this Week!

Caseylove’s: Innocence in Question. I liked this because the photo used sets it up so nicely. I can just imagine this perfectly. From the pageI have recently developed an interest in photography. I don’t know what has sparked this but the interest is there so I’m in pursuit of loving an appreciating this art.
I also have the love for writing although I’m far from perfect and I’m no Stephen King this is my passion as well.@caseyandjojo


sue vincent authorSue Vincent of Daily Echo: Frosted. A Haiku that takes one a few minutes to think about and come to a meaning for one’s self. I finally came to mine. Sue and I have been Twitter friends for a while now but haven’t really connected and I am so happy she participated this week. Now I must find a way to get one of her books. Being a historian myself, some of the books she has out are very appealing. (Anyone see me asking for an interview soon?) From her About Page-I am a Yorkshire born painter and writer, living in the south of England. I paint the strange things that come as images in dreams and fantasies and write about life as it happens.
I was raised in a spiritually eclectic family in a landscape where myths and legends were woven into the stones, and have always had an intimate relationship with the inner worlds and the understanding that all paths are but spokes on a wheel, leading ultimately to the same centre. It is not the path that one walks that matters, but how one chooses to walk it.- Check out her books at Amazon by clicking here.


maniparnaManiparna Sengupta Majumder of Scattered Thoughts: Anew. Love the message in this one. From maniparna2her Twitter BioA normal human being.Business woman.Occasional writer.Avid reader.Loves poetry,music,dance and good food.I had a difficult time deciding which photo to use. Her blog on the left or her Twitter on the right. Love those rocks in the Twitter photo. Also you need to go play with her pet on her blog. Awesome.


cindyCindy of Dreams in Alaska: Imprisoned by Ironies. Yes, that’s my title for this entry. It’s a message that one can apply to so many different situations of life. This last minute entry makes my decision for Serious Haiku much more difficult. Want to know where Cindy is from? Really? Seriously? I am so not going to answer that. From her About pageI’m a busy worker bee by day, while juggling the responsibilities of being a full-time student and aspiring writer by night. As a recent empty nester, I’m learning to enjoy the sounds of silence as I set my sites on the next chapter of life.


Who’s On First?
miraMira of They, You and Me: The Faint Hearted. A great commentary on the world. Very true and very sad. The poem is not a sad poem but once you begin reflecting on it you go places that might bring sadness. A must read to make you think. 

Ruth of Mad Meandering Me: Peshawar. I support the message of the Haiku this week. It’s difficult to say you like something considering the subject. But things must be felt and let out. A said thing that this poem had a subject to be created.

T.A. Wyatt of Finale to an Entrance: Reality: The Beaten Down Haiku. It’s a shame that this poem is true. Remember to check out this author’s books at Amazon. @finaletoanEntranc


Elizabeth of Tea & Paper: Seasons. Hmm. Oh these reality messages. A couple of interpretations came to mind but I chose to go with the less somber one, well at least I think I did.


Deborah (AWomanSaved) of From Darkness to Light One Soul’s Journey: The Blossom’s Death. This one will have you thinking for a while.


Cyril Bussiere: Wander. Still wrapping my brain around this one.. Remember to check out this author’s books here at Amazon. @CyrilBussiere

Meredith and Martha of Meredith’s Musings: Two each from the two Literary Angels this week. Go quickly who wrote which. A fun game added to the challenge. I wonder if I should do that and see who wrote my Haiku. Hmm. @Meredithlbl

Kimberly of K.S. Fause: Blank Page. A writer’s nightmare. @KSFause

Florence of Rambling On: Beguiling. Read it and think. It’s one of those kinds. A lot of thinky pieces this week. @FTThum


Carolyn of Reviews & Recommendations: Hope in a Birth. I think the title I came up with for this one says it all. Go read it and see if I am right.

Canaf of Faithful Devotionals: Innocence Lost. Another good message. You should go and read the About page, a very interesting story to me. And I like this that I found on the site. “I Get by with a little help from my friends and a lot of help from God.”


Marigold of Versus Bulb: Innocence Lost, Imagination Gained.
Love the visual for certain. The Haiku is excellent with a great message.


Steven Walsky of Simplicity Lane: UnfulfilledYou know, I like this because  it was slightly outside the box from what I had seen so far. A definite must read. Remember to check out his books on Barnes & Noble by clicking here and Smashwords here.


Faith Unlocked: Innocence Restored. Very appropriate for the Holiday. Good definition for Innocence. I liked that for sure. Very good staying with theme of blog. @FaithUnlocked


Melissa of This, Right Now: Growth. You must read this one. Not only a great Haiku but visually the way it graduates is excellent. I love it when things turn out like that.


Nato of Chasing Life and Finding Dreams: Innocence of a Child. Hmm. Great structure. Good story. Sad ending. I think I might be depressed now. Things growing dim. Sigh. Wait, I felt like that before reading the Haiku. 🙂 Gotcha. @MichelleLunato


Colleen of Silver Threading: The First Queen. The name says it all. Well, maybe not all, you still need to go read to see exactly what it’s all about. I mean it’s not like the whole play is about a tragic death scene, right?  @ColleenChesebro





 Marigold of Versus Bulb: Innocence Lost, Imagination Gained.  A trip to a fall to a trip, oh bother, go see . . .

marigoldronovan writes humor haiku badge




Faith Unlocked: Innocence Restored. It was very difficult this week but the message along with the holiday mad this one the winner.

faithunlockedronovan writes serious haiku choice badge





I of course gave my own offering this week.  Time for Innocence.

The closing Haiku for this weeks Challenge words?

Innocence of life,

Existing mid this grim world,

Life takes Innocence.

Much Respect


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