From nothing to a Blog Post. It happens.

I’ll be honest with you, I have no idea what I am going to write. I opened up this page with the thought of just letting words happen. The idea of writing about How I DIDN’T Watch Football on New Year’s Day came to mind. Then I thought, why? I asked myself that as I leaned back against the headboard of my bed, leg stretched out crossed at the ankles and my laptop, well, on my lap top. Not that I’ve ever heard of a lap bottom. Why would I write about no football?

I thought about writing a poem, but it felt forced. So that was a no.

I thought about a writing or blogging tip, no.

I thought about promoting a book I like a lot by a friend of many of us, no. But that being said seriously go and purchase The Blue Diamond: The Razor’s Edge by PS Bartlett. It really is excellent and no, I do not say that as a friend. My honesty comes before friendship, otherwise my recommendations mean nothing. And she has other books in the series she is working on so there are more to come.

I did create a logo for the Lit World Interviews site. I am sharing that because I enjoyed doing it and I do think it looks pretty good.

lit world interviews logo

Okay so there, I was a fan of for a while. I still like some of their features. But picmonkey has become my current go to. I create all my own images of late, if at all possible. That way I don’t have to worry about credits and the like. My images, my credit, or no credit really.

I originally was against picmonkey because of the way you had to navigate, but as I mentioned in a previous article it was just a matter of getting accustomed to things. And it was very easy to grow accustomed.

There are some limitations in some font choices I would like but the ones they have are very cool and varied and you can load your own fonts. The borders are nice and the effects and textures are excellent. If you are creative you can do a lot with them.

From creating a banner, a simple blog insert or even a book cover is a great place to get the hang of. And it is really simple once you just start clicking and playing around with it. I use it every day.

Oh, and when you save it, make sure to put dashes between words like this – and ronovan-writes-blogging-tipsnot like this _ because _ is ignored in searches so words run together. While this – is seen as a space.

And that’s how I created a post for today. I wrote until something of interest to me came up and I thought would be of use to you. Normally I get rid of the not possibly interesting parts but decided to leave them in today just to show you how random I am.


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11 thoughts on “From nothing to a Blog Post. It happens.

  1. I’m currently reading the Blue Diamond (about half way through) and finding it a very enjoyable read. As for “pic monkey” maybe I’ll give it a try. But I’m using photoshop and really love photoshop so… yea… 🙂


  2. And I really like your logo… tip: orange would work better against the blue, because orange and blue are complemantary colours… (just saying) but the disign is really nice.


  3. Confession time- I tried fotoflexer once and when I couldn’t immediately figure it out, I ran back to picmonkey and haven’t budged. Like Twitter, I know I need to give it a chance. Maybe that will show up on my goals.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The only things I really like about fotoflexer that are kind of cool are the animated text and some effects options and then the smart scissors cutout feature. It lets you easily cutout around say yourself and leave a blank background so you could easy then layer in another picture say of yourself at the beach, pull the picture of you to the front and there you are on vacation. I haven’t found that option on picmonkey yet. It might be there but the scissors were in beta stage on fotoflexer so it might not be out yet elsewhere. Very cool feature. But I have been sicking with picmonkey for most everything. Animated just slows things down a touch when loading pages.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I will most likely find myself over at fotoflexer again in the near future giving it a try. I am interested in the scissors option and I’m not aware of it in picmonkey.


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