Resolution Day.

Resolution Day.

This the day we make promises not to be kept. Promises we make each year. Be honest with yourself today and make this resolution;

  • wake up each morning and renew your commitment to what it is you have as a goal.
  • Print out your list and tape it to your mirror, your wall or wherever you will always see it.
  • Keep several lists.
  • Each month change the color of the list so as not to become so accustomed to it your eyes ignore it.

Resolutions are lost each year because we fall away from being Resolute to them.  We do not have a Resolve to do the tasks.

Each morning make it part of your routine to prepare yourself each day to work toward your goals.

I do not normally make New Year’s Resolutions. This year I do have some goals and I will share them here so I will be reminded in a years time whether I met my goals.

These are professional goals:

  1. I will have two books made available to the public this year.
  2. I will be part of making the LitWorldInterviews site become something much respected in the Author and Lit World by improving the quality of my interviews once the current set of interviews have been completed.
  3. Quality on all of my sites will improve. Meaning Quality over Quantity as I endeavor to provide my friends with my absolute best.
  4. I will begin to take time each day to read more of my friends’ blogs and promote them.
  5. I will ask a friend each month to do a Guest Blog on my RonovanWrites site, beginning with Suzie of Suzie81Speaks, who will respectfully decline because she is so busy. This will be followed by requests made to Florence T and Hugh Roberts. Then I will go from there. Why so public announcement of who I will ask? These are three that have impressed me with a maturity in growth in tone of their blogs since I began reading them. I don’t know if others have noticed but I have. And maturity does not mean they were silly to begin with. I simply mean there is a tone in them that is more about writing as they like and not for others TO like. And there are others as well.
  6. I will simplify my blogging and in turn attempt to help others do so as well to make blogging more enjoyable as opposed to a time consuming unpaid business venture.

There are other Resolutions I am certain I will come up with but for now these will do.

Do I dare say I will find an agent or publisher to sign with this year? Do I go out on a limb and say that?

I will say yes.

With that in mind, just know that I will be devoting a lot of time to making a dream come true. And when it happens to me, know it can happen to you.

Now what are You


To Do?


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8 thoughts on “Resolution Day.

  1. Well I really do hope you get your books published one way or the other.. I can’t wait!

    As for me, I made only one resolution this year and if I don’t keep it… well lets just say that would be a seriously bad thing.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy New Year, Ronovan.

    I can’t believe I’m part of your 2015 goals. What a lovely way for me to start off 2015 by the prospect of me being asked to do a guest post and thank you so much for your lovely comments about the development of my blog. That is the biggest compliment me and my blog have ever had, especially from somebody, like yourself, who I consider to me a Master at writing, creativity and a teacher. I’d had it with too much alcohol over the last ten days but I may just raise a glass to you again this evening as a thank you.

    I wish you much success on your continued journey in the blogging and writing world and every success with the goals you have set yourself for this new year. As you know, I’ll be supporting you all the way.

    All the very best you.

    Liked by 1 person

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