International Cat Day: Kitty Update.

Some of you probably don’t know about Kitty. Back when I first came home from the hospital six years ago this month, I didn’t know anyone here, who I was, or most anything about my past. If you think about that for a moment, you might realize a situation like that doesn’t give a person much of a connection to anyone. And over those first weeks you learn whether the people are people you want to be connected with.

For me, I was saved. Not by a person, but by a very tiny cat.

This is her way back then, after she and I got to know each other. I saw her in the tree line around the house and guilted someone into feeding her, or him as I thought she was at the time.

I would eat my lunch on the porch to get to natural light and fresh air each day and Kitty, as I oh so creatively named her (What else would you expect from an author of one Historical Fiction book about the British Navy and Pirates, and a short story for an anthology about magical realism?) would come and sit near me or play and even let me rub her tummy, which shows you how happy she was.

Well eventually Kitty earned a new name from the rest of the house.

You might guess it. Mama Kitty. That’s how they spell momma. But yes, the little hussy gave us Spunky, Fluffy, and Cautious. Sadly on Kitty and Fluffy are with us now. As for Cautious? We have no clue. But Spunky, it’s believed a Coyote may have led to his disappearance, as there were a lot of such cases during that time. But here are some Spunky pictures. He was a funny and adventurous guy/

Kat-fuMy little white tiger.Spunky_In_Chair.jpg

Kitty isn’t as loving as she used to be. I think the kits wore her out. She was and is a great mother. She not so long ago adopted another son named Tiger. She even holds him down and bathes his ears for him. I’ll share photos soon, if I can get one. Here is Kitty now, just a few days ago. As you can see, she has become quite the little lady. And I mean little. She actually has the tiniest head of any cat I’ve seen. In person she is so delicate looking. Several months ago she disappeared. We were so worried. She finally showed up, starving, smaller, and the fur on the right side of her face had been ripped off. The thought is she was trapped somewhere, either by accident or on purpose, and she was able to finally escape. She’s good now and as pretty as ever.


My Declaration of Independence from . . .

It’s a bit late in the day to be writing my Independence Day letter. I hadn’t planned on doing one, or maybe I did, I’m not really certain. But I’ve learned something over the past year or so and that is if I don’t let something out, it will keep eating at me and I can’t rest. So here it all goes.

Revolutionary WarThe Gadsden Flag from the Revolutionary war.
Nothing to do with any political group for this post purpose or ever.

My Declaration of Independence from . . .

I will no longer be strangled by heart strings. Those that I love know the one way to get to me is through the heart. Well that is over. Attempts to guilt me into things just won’t work any longer. Those that try it obviously don’t love me enough to love me as I am. And it’s not about choosing between either or.

Blog writing will be more open and honest and maybe in your face on issues. I’m tired of keeping quiet like the good little roll over Christian boy. I’ll voice my views, just as my friends do, and expect the same respect I show them in not commenting negatively about it. As everyone knows, I don’t stoop to petty bickering. And my Christian articles are well thought out and polite. They don’t attack anyone.

I love. I love hard. And I love faithfully.

I will no longer feel guilty about not remembering people. Some blog friends and real life people over the past year have disappeared from my memory not too long ago because of illness and stress. Nothing I could do about it, nothing that can be changed about it.

High maintenance, and emotionally needy people need not apply at my door. I’m a good friend, but I can only handle so much these days. I will do my best but the surest way to stress me out is to be a needy Ned or Nelly. Harsh, I know, but I’m just laying it out there. Stress will only lead to more memory problems. I already lose memories after sleeping too such as days in bed while in a Fibromyalgia Flare. I try hard to hang on to the memories I have.

These are the hard things one has to do in order to help themselves. These are the choices to have peace of mind and maybe someday peace of heart. I don’t know if that last one will ever happen because of some of those choices up there. If people I love don’t want to love me for me alone then so be it. Call me selfish if you like.

I do my best every day to bring a positive message to my blog and my world. It is much more difficult than anyone may realize. But I keep doing it every day. And I will keep doing it every day.

I’m done.


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Celebrating Ronovan Writes (No, I didn’t write this.)

I wasn’t going to reblog this because it felt to be self serving. But Wyatt has now been chased off the net by another blogging community. This is who Wyatt is and I am very upset he is leaving. If he reads this I hope he knows he can contact me by email so we may stay in touch, that is if he does leave what he has built.
The reblog shows one the sides of Wyatt that I think we helped him feel comfortable enough to share with us.
You can visit the link below to read why Wyatt is leaving us. I wish there was a way to talk him out of it. I had become fond of our exchanges and enjoyed seeing what that mind came up with for my challenges.
Each week Wyatt’s Amazon link to his books will appear on the Haiku Review moving forward. Along with the images of the covers.


Thought: Being too sensitive?

Being too sensitive? Have those words ever been thrown in your direction? I’m not even absolutely certain what that even means.

Too sensitive according to what definition?

Would people rather I be too insensitive?

What some call too sensitive is what I would call caring sincerely. I care about my friends. Let’s take having author friends as one example. I read for other authors at times, we call this Beta-Reading, test reading. If you see it spelled another way then it is wrong. B.E.T.A.-R.E.A.D.I.N.G.

For me that reading carries over to the published book. If I read a friends book that is already out there for the world to buy and I see typos, I make note and let the author know about it so they can correct them if they wish before a review comes out commenting on them. What if I sat down to write an honest review, which are the only ones I do?

Perhaps I am too sensitive when I am told I am wrong and basically that the information is unwanted.

Now let’s look at asking people to help with a cause. This past week I heavily publicized a need. The results have not been what they should be. Am I too sensitive when I look a the number of people out there who are aware of it then look at the number involved in it and wonder why there is even a need still there?

Why does this lack of cause participation cause me to be sensitive in any way at all? Well I care. I care about people. I care that my friends are people that care as well. And by that I mean care if only a little. I know not everyone can help but I was hoping for more.

There are plenty of other things I could say, but I don’t want this to be too long today.

Friends, be too sensitive. Those that tell you that you are usually are those that have very little heart to begin with. Some may think they do and are simply think they are helping by saying it but they don’t have the heart. If they did they would understand.


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Resolution Day.

Resolution Day.

This the day we make promises not to be kept. Promises we make each year. Be honest with yourself today and make this resolution;

  • wake up each morning and renew your commitment to what it is you have as a goal.
  • Print out your list and tape it to your mirror, your wall or wherever you will always see it.
  • Keep several lists.
  • Each month change the color of the list so as not to become so accustomed to it your eyes ignore it.

Resolutions are lost each year because we fall away from being Resolute to them.  We do not have a Resolve to do the tasks.

Each morning make it part of your routine to prepare yourself each day to work toward your goals.

I do not normally make New Year’s Resolutions. This year I do have some goals and I will share them here so I will be reminded in a years time whether I met my goals.

These are professional goals:

  1. I will have two books made available to the public this year.
  2. I will be part of making the LitWorldInterviews site become something much respected in the Author and Lit World by improving the quality of my interviews once the current set of interviews have been completed.
  3. Quality on all of my sites will improve. Meaning Quality over Quantity as I endeavor to provide my friends with my absolute best.
  4. I will begin to take time each day to read more of my friends’ blogs and promote them.
  5. I will ask a friend each month to do a Guest Blog on my RonovanWrites site, beginning with Suzie of Suzie81Speaks, who will respectfully decline because she is so busy. This will be followed by requests made to Florence T and Hugh Roberts. Then I will go from there. Why so public announcement of who I will ask? These are three that have impressed me with a maturity in growth in tone of their blogs since I began reading them. I don’t know if others have noticed but I have. And maturity does not mean they were silly to begin with. I simply mean there is a tone in them that is more about writing as they like and not for others TO like. And there are others as well.
  6. I will simplify my blogging and in turn attempt to help others do so as well to make blogging more enjoyable as opposed to a time consuming unpaid business venture.

There are other Resolutions I am certain I will come up with but for now these will do.

Do I dare say I will find an agent or publisher to sign with this year? Do I go out on a limb and say that?

I will say yes.

With that in mind, just know that I will be devoting a lot of time to making a dream come true. And when it happens to me, know it can happen to you.

Now what are You


To Do?


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Peace to Old and New.

old new friends poem

To all my old friends,

Peace to you in the new year,

To new friends to come.


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The first reported case of deviled ham.

It’s early here. Especially early considering it is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. I have a blanket wrapped around my legs, the warmth makes the joints and bones feel decent. Who would have thought at my age I would need to be doing that? But then no one would have ever thought Mr. Human Heater would ever need a blanket.

So what am I thankful for today,

on this National Holiday?

I suppose I need to start with God,

and continue with that I at least still have a bod.

Family must be in the picture,

I hope that cranberry salad is of the right mixture.

Loved ones and smiling faces galore,

or the thoughts that I most adore.

Creativity and my imagination,

are two things needing appreciation.

Of course my friends here and there,

and those most loved everywhere.

You come upon a holiday and wonder what to write about. Do you write about the foods and traditions, which usually are the foods? The favorite deviled eggs. It’s a thanking God day and deviled eggs are one of Southern people’s favorites? Yes, my addled brain finds humor in that. It reminds me of a story my old pastor once told.

Jesus Restores Two Demon-Possessed Men

Matthew 8:28-34

28 When he arrived at the other side in the region of the Gadarenes, two demon-possessed men coming from the tombs met him. They were so violent that no one could pass that way. 29 “What do you want with us, Son of God?” they shouted. “Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time?”

30 Some distance from them a large herd of pigs was feeding. 31 The demons begged Jesus, “If you drive us out, send us into the herd of pigs.”

32 He said to them, “Go!” So they came out and went into the pigs, and the whole herd rushed down the steep bank into the lake and died in the water. 33 Those tending the pigs ran off, went into the town and reported all this, including what had happened to the demon-possessed men. 34 Then the whole town went out to meet Jesus. And when they saw him, they pleaded with him to leave their region.

What does that have to do with Thanksgiving? My old pastor and friend told the story from the Bible and was very serious as he looked out over the congregation in the church that Sunday and followed it up with  “And that is the first known record of Deviled Ham in history.

Yes, I am thankful for that friend who taught me to enjoy the Bible, find humor in life, and have an unshakeable faith.

A post today so random it had to be from me, Ronovan Writes. I write everything after all. But then when being thankful, is it really random if you are sharing what you are thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving to Those in Tryptophan land today. And if you don’t want turkey, a nice broccoli or squash casserole would be excellent. Send any left overs to:

Ronovan Writes
P.O. Box 116
Much Respect,

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Proud to be?

Touchy subject time. Hot button issue. Politically Correct Stretch Alert.

Call it what you will but here I go . . .

Straight Talk with Ronovan

I’m not tuned into a lot of things. I don’t study the news. I don’t sit in front of a TV . . . ever. I scan headlines as my email is attempting to log in. Friends send me emails of things they want me to know about. I see the ads for things as my morning devotions load or a funny clip of a cat slowly progresses to the beginning of hilarious leap attempt fails. Slippery surfaces equals face plants felines! Just saying. (I really need to get a video of Spunky using the windshield of the car as a slide . . . intentionally doing so.)

On Twitter I noticed a trending thing. “Proud To Be Gay” Tim Cook . I don’t often click the trends, usually if it has to do with sports I might ‘IF’ it is of someone I have an interest in or if it is something I know a friend of mine might look at. Yes, I do like to attempt to keep up on things my friends like, sometimes, occasionally, okay–at times. So why did I click this one?

I had no idea who Tim Cook was.  I can hear it now, my blogging pal Hugh is like “Oh Ronovan, you had no idea who the Apple of my Apple Eye World was?” For those of you who don’t know who Hugh is, he is into everything Apple. He walks into a store and they already have the purchase ready and he didn’t even know he was planning to buy anything. His favorite celebrity child is Apple from that Coldplay guy and Iron Man’s girlfriend.

That’s pretty much it. I just wanted to see why it was particularly trend worthy why this person over another person announcing they are ‘Proud to be gay’.

Then I see it is the whole CEO of Apple and the millionaire thing. I see how it would be difficult to be open at that point in life what with all the consequences of losing a job and financial security. Yes, a touch of sarcasm there, but bear with me. I know there are friends and family to be concerned about and perhaps some public backlash against Apple to consider. I read why he did it and I admire him for it. He didn’t do it for himself but for others. I don’t think anyone should live in fear from others of what they are.

You are what you are, right? It’s a thing. Your thing. A nice gay person or a heterosexual A-Hole? Who would  you rather sit down to lunch with? I’ve had lunch with both, and lunch with the reverse. I’ll take the nice of whatever every time. And I will likely, and have, told off the pushy A-Hole of either kind when they go to far. And no, I did not use any profanity.

But back to where we began this aside, then I thought of the line workers in factories who are gay and afraid to ‘come out’ because if they do they might lose a livelihood they can’t afford to lose. Proud? Yes. Positioned to do anything about it? Not in their eyes.

I’ve worked with a lot of gay people over the years. I use the word gay because writing homosexual is just a very long word to type for me right now. To me, I like to think of gay as being what it was originally meant to be, happy.

Okay, another rabbit chased and now back on the main trail . . . again. I’ve decided to say what I am Proud of Being.

I am Proud to be a Man who loves God, Humans, The Female Species, Family, Friends, Children, Writing, and Great Foods. (The order varies at times. Sometimes Humans kind of fall down the list depending on the Human I am thinking of. And a great stir fry right about now, yes I am writing this during the morning, would be like better than all of the above, okay better than everything but that first one. Sorry Rhianna. Yeah, she may be weird and freaky at times, but you can’t deny she’s gorgeous. Wow, even I don’t know where that last one came from.)

OOO, I forgot, I love my Cats.

Now, I see no reason people can’t make public announcements of what they are Proud of.

Today, here in the comments, take a moment to say what you are Proud Of.

Because it’s Proud Friday here on RonovanWrites.



ron_full_river - cropped


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You have WordPresss Blog & Twitter? Tell me!

This is a message to my Friends that support me here in WordPress and also happen to be on Twitter.

I want to ReTweet you!

Please HELP me by letting me know if you have a Twitter account so I can ADD YOU to my NEW WORDPRESS LIST there. I want to make sure that I first and foremost RT (Thats ReTweet for all of us Twidiots as I call people like me.) all of your blog Tweets and anything I think is cool that I can share with people and secondly I want to focus knowing my Friends. Yes if you are Following my Blog I consider you a Friend. You’re not a Follower. You’re a Friend. And I like to support and help my Friends. Click here to learn about Twitter Lists. (Think Friend List.)

Maybe this sounds like some odd thing to you, but I’m serious. You can ask others on my list. I don’t ask anything of you, I just like to help. It makes me feel good about myself at times. I know that’s a selfish reason but it helps me.

I know, some of you follow me on Twitter already and I RT you already, but I am trying to go through my list of people and I’m finding it difficult at times discovering who is what and where.

AND DO NOT THANK ME FOR AN RT! Otherwise you will be doing that a lot most likely. We support each other in the community and it’s something I WANT TO DO!

This will also possibly help other WordPress members follow each other as well.

Just reply to this Post or if you are already Following me in Twitter you can shoot me a Direct Message (DM).


Much Respect (I so wanted to say ‘and Tweet you Later, but I refrained.)


Who I Am

Who I Am by Ronovan



by: Ronovan

 Two Men Talking

I sat quietly at the bus stop as Rod and Anton walked up.


“You can’t be serious, man,” said Rod.


“Hey, you’re belief that the number of choices indicates a lack of committing is not proven by any quantifiable research,” said Anton.

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