by: Ronovan

 Two Men Talking

I sat quietly at the bus stop as Rod and Anton walked up.


“You can’t be serious, man,” said Rod.


“Hey, you’re belief that the number of choices indicates a lack of committing is not proven by any quantifiable research,” said Anton.

Rod was starting to sway from side to side. “You are crazy. Why can’t a person just stick with one, just one?”


“It’s not always that easy, my friend,” said Anton, hands in pockets. “You have to understand that not everyone is as settled and as close minded as you are.”


“What?” Rod’s arms swung out from his body. “You just not right for that. Me, close minded? My mind is completely opened.”


Anton’s facial muscles strained. “As obvious as that is in certain ways and so true in others, I must say that you never allow friends the opportunity to voice their opinion when the time comes.”


“But I’m right, and no one ever seems to mind.”


Anton shook his head slightly. “That’s because we all know there is no point in arguing. You have your opinion and you’re set in it. We have ours and there really is no point in fighting about it.”


“But if you feel strongly about it then tell me,” said Rod. “I’ll listen.”


“No, no, we have decided it’s just not worth it. It does no harm either way in our lives.”


“So you are saying if it were to do harm you would say something?” Rod asked.


Anton nodded. “Yes.”


“But doesn’t all opinions matter? Shouldn’t what you think matter to you enough to voice it. I mean you just letting me run doesn’t seem like the right thing,” said Rod.


“Maybe not.”


“Maybe not!” Rod was getting excited again. “Listen, I’m open to other things. I know there are other choices. It’s cool with me. One person likes it this way and another likes it that way. No problem.”


“Then this time we choose.”


Rod stared at Anton then glanced at me. I raised my eyebrows. He nodded. “Sure.”


“Then we get pizza with the mushrooms and onions this time and not pepperoni,” said Anton.


“Deal, man.” They did the handshake I never could learn. The bus arrived and Rob nodded my way as they climbed up.


Important decisions in life start out with baby steps. Today it’s pizza tomorrow…


For another taste of Rod’s world try Society Killin’ Villain.

© Copyright-All rights 10, 2014.

13 thoughts on “Toppings

    • Thank you! I know my usual is depressing. I really want to turn things around a bit. Rod is a character I use in my Bus Stop Stories, flash fiction pieces. 🙂


  1. Reblogged this on Michaelphelps1's Blog and commented:
    RONOVAN reports on a conversation betweenm two men . . . I was held in gripping suspense as I read each line . . . agreeing with each man . . . the intensity of their conversation could easily result in an END to RACISM in the Unityed States . . . result in PEACE to the war-torn Middle East . . . and END to Dictatorships in Cuba, North Korea, Iran, China . . .I was so relieved at the conclusion to see an AGREEMENT was REACHED and problem solved. I have to send this to the Secretary General of the United Nations!


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