Writing Tips: Short and Sweet Keeps Them in Their Seats.

Some writing is just too long and I won’t read it no matter how good you tell me it is!

 Man in Pain

It sounds harsh but it’s true. And it’s not because you’re not good. There are many types of audiences out there a writer is attempting to engross in their story, article, or whatever other type of writing it may be. Even a research piece needs to keep this in mind.

  • Make that first sentence engaging-If that first sentence hooks me I might keep going and give it a chance.
  • Keep the paragraphs short-Short paragraphs gives me this false sense of not committing to a long read. It also allows me to pause quickly if need be and come back to the article if I have to ‘step’ away for a moment without the idea I missed something or having or reread a long paragraph.
  • If Blogging, give me some visuals-Visuals make for a little something to keep me there and bring me back to reading. It also can help visual people click with your piece and add deceptive length without adding to reading time.
  • If Blogging keep this in mind-You may be the only reading material that some people are engaging in. I have problems reading books now. I can’t commit to it because I know after two chapters I can’t keep going. Blogs, however, give me something I can read and learn from that are quick and to the point. Break the article up into two parts if it is extremely long. That last part is just a suggestion. (But it might bring back people for a second day of viewing to your Blog. Authors keep that in mind too.)

Unless I am familiar with the work of the writer I will often bail if I see those long paragraphs. We aren’t in a Grammar or Writing class where you have to do things just so.

  • We write how people talk
  • We write short paragraphs
  • We use double negatives

If you are Blogging think of Flash Fiction in your article. Just get to the point and get out. Yes, add humor and entertain, but when it comes to the points you are making don’t draw them out.

Short and Sweet Keeps Them in Their Seat.

© Copyright-All rights reserved-RonovanWrites.wordpress.com-June 03, 2014.


4 thoughts on “Writing Tips: Short and Sweet Keeps Them in Their Seats.

  1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing them in a short, effective manner. 😀 (I will begin to implement tip #3 more often. Indeed, there are some individuals who are visual learners. They need that addition – as long as it is relevant.)

    Thanks, again!

    ~ Angela


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