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Some great writing resolution advice. 🙂


Resolution Day.

Resolution Day.

This the day we make promises not to be kept. Promises we make each year. Be honest with yourself today and make this resolution;

  • wake up each morning and renew your commitment to what it is you have as a goal.
  • Print out your list and tape it to your mirror, your wall or wherever you will always see it.
  • Keep several lists.
  • Each month change the color of the list so as not to become so accustomed to it your eyes ignore it.

Resolutions are lost each year because we fall away from being Resolute to them.  We do not have a Resolve to do the tasks.

Each morning make it part of your routine to prepare yourself each day to work toward your goals.

I do not normally make New Year’s Resolutions. This year I do have some goals and I will share them here so I will be reminded in a years time whether I met my goals.

These are professional goals:

  1. I will have two books made available to the public this year.
  2. I will be part of making the LitWorldInterviews site become something much respected in the Author and Lit World by improving the quality of my interviews once the current set of interviews have been completed.
  3. Quality on all of my sites will improve. Meaning Quality over Quantity as I endeavor to provide my friends with my absolute best.
  4. I will begin to take time each day to read more of my friends’ blogs and promote them.
  5. I will ask a friend each month to do a Guest Blog on my RonovanWrites site, beginning with Suzie of Suzie81Speaks, who will respectfully decline because she is so busy. This will be followed by requests made to Florence T and Hugh Roberts. Then I will go from there. Why so public announcement of who I will ask? These are three that have impressed me with a maturity in growth in tone of their blogs since I began reading them. I don’t know if others have noticed but I have. And maturity does not mean they were silly to begin with. I simply mean there is a tone in them that is more about writing as they like and not for others TO like. And there are others as well.
  6. I will simplify my blogging and in turn attempt to help others do so as well to make blogging more enjoyable as opposed to a time consuming unpaid business venture.

There are other Resolutions I am certain I will come up with but for now these will do.

Do I dare say I will find an agent or publisher to sign with this year? Do I go out on a limb and say that?

I will say yes.

With that in mind, just know that I will be devoting a lot of time to making a dream come true. And when it happens to me, know it can happen to you.

Now what are You


To Do?


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Why are you still Blogging?

Have you figured out why your blog is important to the universe and you need to keep going with it?

Oh be honest, you really have no idea. None of us do until an aha moment happens. No I do not intend to break into song  “Take On Me” and think of the greatest music video ever.

Okay so perhaps I did that last part. Now back to why I am here. Actually literally why I am here.

I’ve noticed in recent times my viewership has started dying away.


Does this worry me? I have to actually sit myself down and step back to think that through. That in itself should tell you if I am worried. Ultimately the answer is no. You see I think I know why it’s happened and it’s a rather sad reason. But I’m okay with that.


But I still serve a purpose. You know as long as you help or inspire one person, your blog is worth it. To be honest if all I had going here was my various Haiku challenges each week and my Sunday Thoughts I suppose I would feel like I was doing something in the world, something more than I ever thought I would do.

That’s what you have to figure out. Is there someone that has commented on your blog that you helped them in some way? If you helped one, don’t you think you’ve helped others? Those others who haven’t spoken?

You might be saying that you’ve never had anyone say that. There is something I’ve discovered while blogging, or maybe two, okay maybe three somethings.

  1. I get things out of me that I need to get out and that is therapeutic. I am mentally and emotionally healthier than I was the day I started blogging.
  2. I have found my writers voice while blogging. I am not afraid to write anything under the sun and I know I can write it. Sure, I may not be an award winning author . . .  yet, but I can write an article with the best of them when I want to.
  3. I’ve made friends here that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

I imagine many of you can agree with all three of those, if not then I know you can say yes to at least one of them. So when you feel like you can’t blog or it’s not doing any good and then you remember that you wanted to blog to change things in the world, you have. You just have to realize what part of the world you’ve changed, even it is you that has changed.


As readers of this here thing called a blog, why do YOU think my views are dying off? I do want to hear suggestions.

And believe me, I have a list of reasons, some are even very harsh, and I came up with them all. I just want to see if I am thinking right. So share, please do.

Does this mean I will change anything I am doing? Who knows. My main goal is to be happy.

Much Respect


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Brighten Up Your Future In The Present

“Why not dream big? One way to cast your anchor into the future while improving your mood for the moment is to plan something exciting, something positive, something that makes you smile. Maybe it’s a vacation, maybe it’s a night out with someone special or maybe it’s just some much-needed “me” time/ Make a plan, set a date–and then bask in the anticipation.”



Inspiration in the Leaves of Autumn

Inspiration in Loss.

More than likely some of you are looking at those three words and thinking of sports.  As they came to mind sports did not. But they apply just as readily. If you follow college football in the U.S. of A. and like your team mascots in the feline variety with stripes and/or confusingly have a mascot that isn’t even your actual team name mascot, you perhaps do not see inspiration in loss today. But never fear, the other teams are inspired by your losses. Your teams have done a fine service to canine fans everywhere.

from wikipedia

For me, as I write this, I am thinking of Autumn here in the United States and the loss of the leaves as they fall from the trees. I see them outside my window as the wind blows and they look like brightly colored snowflakes. Very large brightly colored snowflakes.

This time of year brings a bit of a feeling to me. Nostalgia? I wonder if it is possible. Even without memories I can think of, somehow I believe they must be buried inside somewhere because I get this feeling of brisk mornings outside as I go into the school building and late afternoons waiting to play football on a Friday night. The skeletal like trees barely hanging on to that last cheerful bit of color are just like my football team in school and any possible lead it ever had . . . give up dear tree, you are going to lose it.

Sometimes I wonder if those are memories or things I’ve read about and learned lately. But leaves falling from the trees here now are like worries falling away, or dare I say it, the loss of friendships.

We spend time in agony as we lose a friendship for whatever reason. We drift apart. We don’t connect any longer. We perhaps don’t communicate in the right way. For me, I literally lose the memory of a person that was a friend. And often times it’s really no fault of either friend.

I’ve learned a lot this past year, and one is to push through loss and look at how I can go forth because of that loss. Yes, because of that loss.

Have you ever really noticed what people do with leaves? They put them in scrap books and press the leaves to save them, like photograph memories. Some even take leaves and press them into clay to imbed the pattern of them so that memory will be forever in a work of art. Some rake up the leaves and have their children jump into a big pile and have fun. Those old friends are useful, even if no longer what they once were. Each leaf falling to a new purpose somewhere else for someone else.

I recently read an article that said you should mow over those leaves and give the nutrients back to the earth, the grass, like mulch instead of raking them up. I am not sure about mowing over my lost friends. I think that would be illegal somehow. And I am not really into Chianti and Fava Beans.

I use losses as a way to put feelings into writing scenes in novels, writing this article for my blog, and in truth perhaps freeing up a bit of myself for other things. Yes, freeing up time. That is a rather sad thing to think about. For a writer time is something rare. As a friendship somehow begins to crumble there is a lot of time put into thinking about it and feeling about it.

Don’t feel guilty about thinking of something like ‘now I have time for . . .‘ It’s okay, think it. It doesn’t mean you care about that friend any less. You simply are accepting what has happened, putting it into perspective, and finding something positive to take from it.

Let those negative thoughts of what you have lost go. Move on. Push through. Use any cliche that works for you. Just do it. Just beat it. It’s on like Donkey Kong. Once you pop you can’t stop.

Inspiration in Loss. I am using loss to inspire me to fulfill my dreams. To not waste time because things really can be and are lost in a moment. You have a dream, a goal, then go for it.

Every inspiration and every drive for a goal is lined with beautiful leaves.


Inspiring times are those not so easy.

Inspiring times are those that make you feel queasy.

Inspiring times are ones are perhaps not of your making.

Inspiring times are, however ones for your taking.


See y’all next time,


You can follow me in all those places noted on the side over there  if you like. If not, hope you pass this way again.

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