PhotoKu No More.

Due to a lot of things going on with my health I have made the very stomach churning decision to discontinue the PhotoKu Challenge. I have messaged someone about taking it over if they like. So perhaps it will be seen again and in a better form. The person I have asked is very talented with photography and very enthusiastic about Haiku as well. I am hoping for the best.





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14 thoughts on “PhotoKu No More.

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your health Ron. A sad decision, and you’ve run the Photoku challenge so well, but we all understand.

    Yes, you’ll be seeing Photoku again … not sure in what form yet … but definitely closely modeled on the hard work you’ve done here. Thank you for the work you’ve put into it.

    I’ll send a link when the first post is up. Still waiting to hear from my “co-conspirator” and “partner in crime” — I mean, partner in haiku.

    Take care of yourself, okay?

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  2. Hey Ronovan. I know how much work it is to maintain even one blog. Hat’s off to you for knowing when to cut back. It looks like your peeps have you covered.
    Wishing you wellness. Take good care of you. Hugs!


  3. Sorry Ronovan to hear you are having health problems … you’re a very talented and inventive and I know you work a lot to keep up a great blog. Here’s hoping the best for you and that your health problems can be overcome quickly! A big hug, Georgia.

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