RonovanWrites Week 25 Haiku Poetry Challenge Review

Here we are with the 25th Haiku Poetry Challenge Review. 25 Weeks in a row. Hard to believe it but we’re still growing and enjoying. It would have been nice to reach 25 participants, just because the number would have matched. I have a thing about numbers at times. But the holidays do take their toll on the world of blogging.

With the idea of growing and enjoying you might notice a few changes with the Recap. I need to spend less time with computer related issues. Formatting is a big problem with my hands so things might be a little simpler for the time being. Well, at least as long as I can stand it. But as long as you keep writing, I’ll keep Recapping.

Haiku Prompt Challenge Badge WinterFirst to Write?

Patty of I’m Not Sick Boy gave us My Alex this week. Not only do we get a view of her world but we get to see a great picture of Her Alex.


Faith Unlocked wrote in with Old Wisdom. Wisdom is something to cherish. Some scoff at the old wisdom even when repackaging it as something new but so very skewed. This message keeps it real. And then a second Haiku with 25. I think this one is a personal favorite. I don’t know why I say that but perhaps you should go look and see. 🙂 @FaithUnlocked


Maniparna returns for her second week, and are we lucky or what. On her site Scattered Thoughts she wrote Year. I think you can get an idea of what her Haiku is about but how did she did it is the question. Go find out. It’s not quite what you think. @Maniparna


Sue is back as well! Love it when the Authors participate. You all know I have a weakness for them. From the  site Daily Echo this week we have Sowing. No, this has nothing do to with pigs. (I wait for some to ponder that one for a moment.) Or does it? You won’t know unless you go check it out. @SCVincent is one of our resident authors so check out books available at Amazon here. The Sword of Destiny in England looks cool and The Osiriad based in Egypt very awesome. And don’t get me started on that whole Doomsday series of books co-authored with Stuart France, who doesn’t like a series?


Elizabeth of Tea & Paper. I have to say I always enjoy seeing this lady give us an offering. She gives us The Dress this week. Hmm, she’s been in someone’s closet and I’m not saying whose. @teandpaper


Kimberly of K.S. Fause seems to have taken my enjoyment of History to a new level. Yes, I know it is a coincidence but I don’t believe in those. I think her studies and my likes happened together for this Haiku in a very wonderful way. Chains by @KSFause


T.A. Wyatt, the mystery. No that’s not the title of the poem from the Finale to an Entrance site. Just my observation of our mystery poet. No, Passing Time: A New Year Haiku is the offering this week.  Remember T.A. is another of our resident authors so check out books available at Amazon here. @FinaletoEntranc


Serins of Serins Sphere brings two Haiku this week to our 25th Anniversary. Optimistic sounding Haiku. While many have been reflecting on sadness of old it seems Serins is looking to the future. Go check her out. @SerinsSphere


KiwiBee of Snap Thoughts gives us From Goodbye to New. The prompt words were a bit obvious this week but I liked the contrast of the dimming aspects of the first ‘sentence’ formed and the sharpness of the second formed. One with a clarity and one with a foggy memory quality.


Colleen of Silver Threading throws out the old year and rings in the new with Expiration. A very good tone set with the words and image used. You need to go see it to know what I mean. @ColleenChesebro


Steve gave us Step Off from Simplicity Lane. Steve continues to bring originality to the words. Didn’t see this one coming. Remember that Steven Walsky is one of our authors and you can find his books on Barnes & Noble by clicking here and Smashwords here.


Cindy returns to us for her second week and yes, we are all happy! She wrote Unbound Hopes on Dreams in Alaska. Sometimes a title says it all. Well, it gives you an idea of the message. Go Read It Already! @cindyburrill


Meredith’s Musings and the Two Literary Angels of Meredith and Martha have their four for us this week. Meredith discontinued the guess who wrote which Haiku but it was fun while it lasted. Maybe if everyone asked her to start it again we could all guess after the busy holidays. @Meredithlbl


Marigold of Versus Blurb: A Reading and Writing Blog provided us with Tried  & True. Whoa. Almost a tongue twister but very much a twister of the mind. I didn’t say twisted mind. Just remember that. Be certain to check Marigold Deidre Dicer’s book The Black Swan Inheritance just released in Nov. and available at Amazon for Kindle here. @MarigoldDicer


Nato of Chasing Life and Finding Dreams showed up with Growing New Again.  One that we probably have all experienced. @MichelleLunato


Melissa of This, Right Now: Old Dog, new Tricks. Interesting. That’s what I’m saying, interesting.


Canaf from Faithful Devotions wrote New Creation. If only some would remember this message.


Battered Wife Seeking Better Life returns! And y’all have a lot to check out. She actually caught up with all of the ones she missed out on over the past view weeks with the madness of the world. Click here to go her Healing Haiku. Happy to have her back! @BWseekingBL



The Ronovan Write’s Choice selections for Week #25

For Humor this week I found that humor was not all that easy to find. But there was one that struck me as funny. And you must go see it.

Step Off by Author Steven Walsky.

Steven_S_Walskyronovan writes humor haiku badge


The Serious Haiku is always difficult to select. It often times depends on my mood because we have so many good serious Haiku.

Old Wisdom by Faith Unlocked. A message I think all should embrace. With a choice of a badge to use.

faithunlockedronovan-writes-serious-haiku-badgeserious haiku badge





My own offering this week was Peace to Old and New. And if you don’t mind for a moment, I will say I was proud of the drawing and the haiku I did this week. It was a very fun thing to do and I hope to do more like it. It inspires me to do a greeting card business, almost. But once it’s a job, then it is work and then the creativity goes out the window.

The closing Haiku for this weeks prompt:

My heart beats like new,

Although the pain is still here,

Old scars are fading.



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