RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 27 Review.

Haiku Challenge 27 Review.

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New This Week

GraceGrace of, well she has two blogs on two different platforms, as I do, but I think she actually uses both of hers. One is-{Bloom} Pictures+Words on blogspot and Grace Notes here on WordPress. Her Haiku this week is at blogspot and is titled Song of Joy. Normally I put in things from a new member’s About page but, wow, she does so much, so go read here. And follow on Twitter as well. @grace_note58 Oh and she is such a nice lady.


First in this week is:

AC_ElliottAC Elliott of File Cabinet Ramblings: He wrote for us this week Joy. A spiritual message. @Elliott_ac

T.A. WyattFinale to an EntranceFaultless: People keep missing out on these Haiku. You need to check them out. Sometimes they give you a thought that, well, makes you think about things. I like those Haiku that make you stop and have to think about the wording at times. T.A. is our first resident author to join in this week. Make certain to visit Amazon here and buy those books! Um, we have a second Haiku this week. Kind of disturbing but not really. I guess it might bring to mind nightmares to some but then freedom for real to others when you finish it. The title? Popping Zits: A Pimple Haiku. @FinaleToEntranc

Meredith and Martha of Meredith’s Musings. Our resident ladies gave us Freedom, Puppy Mills, Butterfly and Expense of Happiness. Say that 2 times real fast. I think Butterfly stood out to me because I feel it describes the author so well. At least how I see her. @Meredithlbl

Battered Wife seeking Better Life with Sensing Bliss. She went all happy, well sort of, with this one. @BWseekingBL

Kimberly of K.S. Fause: Victory. She’s appealing to my History side again. @KSFause

Sue from Daily Echo. Our second resident Author entry this week brought us Joy. Yes, she always does, doesn’t she? This time she uses a Z word that I never expected to find in a Haiku. Make sure to check out and purchase Sue Vincent’s books at Amazon here. @SCVincent

Elizabeth gives us Scribbling on Tea & Paper. No, she didn’t scribble on tea and paper. T&P is her blog title the Scribbling is her Haiku title. I am glad T.A. did not do a visual for that Zit one like this one. Whoa, I so love the way she did this. @Teandpaper

Cyril of Cyril Bussiere. Brought forth Two Haiku. I believe he picked up on the inspiration for the prompt words. Cyril is an author that I have actually interviewed, one of my first really. Check out his books and of course purchase them on Amazon here. @CyrilBussiere

Nato of Chasing Life and Finding Dreams: The Joy of Freedom. I guess she said what she said and she told who she told. Mhmm. @MichelleLunato If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a read at the bottom, underneath the comments  WHO IS NATO?, you’ll find it interesting.

Colleen, Colleen, Colleen. No that’s not three people from Silver Threading. That’s me wagging my finger at her for not doing a comment to show everyone she did a Haiku called I Need You NNNOOWW. Show that face of hers and everyone flocks to her blog cause they are all like “EEEEEEEEEE COLLEEN! YOU WROTE SOMETHING!” Yeah, she has groupies. I have Hiakoopies? I think I need penicillin for that. I would actually consider this for humor but it’s cruel. Beyond cruel. It’s actually evil. Sigh. I saved the image. @ColleenChesebro

Steve over on Simplicity Lane wrote Haiku dreams. He said he didn’t use Freedom in his Haiku this week but I believe I saw it there. Steve will be away for a week or three so buy a book of his on Barnes & Nobles as a surprise while he’s gone by clicking here to go there.

Serins of Serins Sphere: Jailed Freedom. Perhaps something people can identify with. Actually I am sure many can, some reading this today. @SerinsSphere

Marigold of Versus Blurb: Je Suis Charlie. Any explanations needed? Go check it out. And her book for just .99 on Amazon here. @MarigoldDicer

Florence of Rambling On gives from her super brain the Haiku Enchained Joy. I read this Haiku probably at least three times this week. I read the Haiku from each person several times. Surprised, huh? Well, not until this time did I really notice that last line and how it is ironic in a way and an oxymoron in another. Well that is unless there is something about Florence we don’t know about. Just saying. Oh, on a side note; Slap me if you see me using ‘Just Saying’ any longer after the upcoming week. I say upcoming week as I  have things scheduled already and I have no idea what I wrote. @FTThum

Melissa of This, Right Now and Rush Hour. Okay, before I even read it, I am going to say this might get Humor Haiku this week just from the fact she named it Rush Hour and what the prompt words are. Okay, now that I read it, she’s got a good shot.

Faith Unlocked: Life Renewed. This was s set up. I was inspired by one thing this week as I picked the prompt words but I knew that Faith Unlocked would have an easy time with it. @FaithUnlocked

Carolyn of Reviews & Recommendations: Sharing Joy. Great message and I bet she does too.

Cindy of dreamsinalaska: Joyful Grace. Any guesses on the message in this one? @CindyBurrill

Patty of I Am Not Sick Boy wrote The End Becomes The Beginning.

Canaf of Faithful Devotionals wrote for us Freedom.  This Haiku really hit on a truth that I live by. I tell you now, this is the Serious Haiku of the Week.

Serious Haiku of the Week:

Note even going to copy it. Just look right above here to Canaf with Freedom.

serious haiku badge ronovan-writes-serious-haiku-badgeCanaf


Humor Haiku of the Week:

This one was so difficult but I have to go with T.A. Wyatt with Popping Zits: A Pimple Haiku. @FinaleToEntranc

t_a_wyatt_authorronovan writes humor haiku badge





My own offerings this week numbered two. Try to take my joy. & My Lips, Your Curves. A Haiku.

Now for the closing Haiku for Challenge # 27:

Freedom is never

Changing for another man,

Does not bring you joy.


Much Love to Each of You ’til Next Time


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