Bruised Heart-A Haiku


My plan for the week was, let me actually rephrase that, I wasn’t going to write a Haiku this week. In fact there was no plan for poetry at all in my foreseeable future. It’s not that I have given it up or don’t like poetry, it’s just something I am not feeling right now. I’m not a poetry mill. I’ve been there and done that.

Writing poetry, at least for me is about tapping into an honest place and sharing honest things that can be tender places in the heart that shouldn’t be touched. Even when I write a funny poem it doesn’t begin that way. It begins serious and turns humorous out of defense. Defending the tender places.

Some reading this are likely about to hurl. They don’t see how poetry is that big of a deal or how it can really be any more than a few words to rhyme about puppies, clouds and rainbows. True, some poetry is about those things, for that writer. Perhaps those things have meanings for them. I don’t know where the inspiration came from so I can’t say good or bad.

However, even though poetry was not in the heart for me this week, which is a requirement, even though I didn’t want to go there a friend expressed a hope I would write something for the challenge I host each week. How could I not write something when so many faithfully participate each week?

haiku ronovan writes

Do not fret, my heart,

While you beat slowly for now,

The chill of loss fades.

Much Respect

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11 thoughts on “Bruised Heart-A Haiku

  1. cool haiku – and wonderful reason to write – to participate in your own challenge –
    and I liked reading your thoughts about poetry – I agree that it really depends on the poetry – some good – some not so good – and some – amazing…. hmm

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  2. That Haiku, is beautiful. As for poetry and it coming from a fragile place, well mine does too. But it does not mean that it can not be uplifting. Poetry can uplift your heart, even a bruised and broken one.
    And in the case of me even a lost heart.

    I get what you are saying though. (hugs)
    I wrote a poem last week titled: at your feet.
    I think that you would find some encouragement there.


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