My Interview on Tell Me A Story With @YouAreTheExpert

Sometime ago I asked author and radio host Annette Rochelle Aben of The Magic Happens Magazine for an interview. Let me clarify that statement, I asked her if I could interview her for LitWorldInteviews. With how busy everything gets and how I never set deadlines for a person to return answers the interview hasn’t been published yet.

Now skip to about a month ago. I contact her about what kind of authors she liked to interview for her blogtalk radio program. My goal was to begin setting up a way to connect the authors I interview with Annette and create a richer overall experience for the author and combine my interview followed by Annette’s interview to perhaps create some buzz. So mine would create a chirp, hers would create the actual buzz. She’s that dynamic a personality. And it’s not just on radio.

The message I received back was basically “I’m booking February now, when can you be on?” Of course I had no thought of my being on her program. Next thing I know I’m on the phone with her and explaining what my purpose was in contacting her and she was fine with that but still wanted to interview me.

Then on Friday, February 6th I was interviewed live. Just so you know, the questions were not known before hand and I do believe you will be able to tell there was not a script. I even turned the tables on Annette and became the interviewer for a moment. Imagine that.

I took the opportunities I could to mention the names of some of my Blog World and friends where it was appropriate and not forced.

I was able to mention the Book Cover services of Chris Graham of The Story Reading Ape’s Blog and he does Book Trailers as well, Author Jo Robinson and her great LitWorldInterviews Features on Self-Publishing, Author and Proofreader/Editor Wendy Janes and how I would purchase her services if I ever had the money and the book to spend it on, and Author PS Bartlett and our co-authoring a book that will be part of her The Blue Diamond pirate world.

I only had 30 minutes so I did what I could. I do hope you listen to the show. Here is the link for you to go to at your leisure and it is also in the left-hand sidebar.










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13 thoughts on “My Interview on Tell Me A Story With @YouAreTheExpert

  1. You have so much to offer that I might suggest that you create a BTR program of your very own, one where you can spend half an hour at a time on each of the petals of the flowers in the garden of your life! I believe that this unleashed an energy within you that merely enhances that which you have been brought to this Earth plane to share. Thank you for sharing space with me, giving me so much more than I ever dreamed I could receive. God Bless you and keep you ever in his grace!

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  2. Terrific interview. BTW, I think you know exactly what you are doing, and when you said you didn’t I discounted it right away. Your blogs are wonderful and a great bonus to those of us who wander around the blogosphere.

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  3. Well done Ron! I heard most of the interview yesterday, and I replayed it today to catch the parts I missed. You sounded just as I had imagined you to be! LOL! 🙂

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  4. I could nearly ‘see’ your pride when you spoke of your son. Very touching to me. Aw, and you’re a sweet southern boy. She was right about the service you offer to your fellow writers and readers. Well done and congratulations. Xx

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