My Parent’s Fire

Kate finally had a moment to breathe and share a post and update. One thing she failed to mention is how her daughters are handling this. One is so traumatized that she is sleeping with her mother now. A house fire of a loved one sends panic through the young members of a family. And believe me when she says she is overwhelmed by how helpful people are being she is being honest. They have a ways to go to get to their goal, and even that isn’t going to be enough really to replace a lifetime. I suggested he talk them into a little RV to live in and then they could go where they wanted to, including her driveway. Um, she was like, she wants them in something without wheels. I’;; put that down to the whole age thing. 😉
Keep spreading the word. Remember anonymous and even $5 will work.

Dazzling Whimsy

For those of you who may not know, My parents lost everything in a house fire on 2/7/15.  They are from Ocala, Florida and on Saturday evening I received a call from a man who asked me my name and if I was related to Ed Jenkins.  That is very scary let me tell you.  He said your Dad is ok, here he is and handed him the phone.  Then all I heard was sobbing.  I honestly thought my Mom had died.  The other man took the phone back and said their house had burned down and they were ok but emotional.  The last 48 hours have been a whirlwind of love and support from friends, family, WC Family , my work, and my blogging community.

I cannot begin to even express the thankfulness I feel for each and every one of you. Ronovan, from  has been incredible…

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