Loving You


I think of you every minute of the day

Wishing and praying all your cares away

But I don’t always know what to say

So I spent the day

Loving you

Loving you


You know, sometimes you begin writing and things happen. I opened up the post this morning to write an article, ended up beginning a poem, a lyric poem, then as I went to the Chorus it occurred to me, what else is there to say? I think my message is clear. I think it is received. And love can be love as in friendship as well.

Sometimes we write and write because we lock ourselves into the constraints we see in place in a type of writing. Truly what you write is what you write and how you feel. What you end up with is the type of writing  you end up with. Criteria? Never do that to yourself. Write. Write from the heart and people will know. Write from a form or checklist and people will know.

Spend the day loving you and loving your talent.

Just as I will spend the day loving you.







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