The Truth of My Faith.

I want to talk about something today that I don’t really dig in to deeply here on RonovanWrites very often. Yes, I mention it, but I don’t really discuss it. I want to talk about my faith, my religion. You may think I have but I don’t. I normally save that for another site I have.

But this is RonovanWrites and so I’m Ronovan and I’m going to write. And I won’t be doing my humor moments to splice my Christian thoughts in with. I prefer clarity today.

What is MY faith?

You know, some people don’t know what Christianity is. They look at TV and history books, listen to friends or family, and that’s it. There is their views of Christianity.

That is not Christianity.

Those are personal views formed and written by personal views. And before some decide to stop reading and begin commenting they know from the inside of Christianity what it is and it’s bad, I am here to tell you what Christianity should be. What it is in my life.

Yes, this will be from my personal views. I like to think the Christianity that guides me in my actions here on my site is a good example of what it should be or at the least a good example of the good Christianity can be. What it is meant to be.

Don’t look to the aspects of the Crusades people like to point to. The President of the United States already showed his ignorance of what all the Crusades was completely about. No side was completely right and no side was completely wrong.

Don’t look at The Inquisition, the witch trials or even the attempted justification of slavery. Or whatever may the Bible may have been used for in your country. All of those twisted views of the Bible to advance PERSONAL agendas. They are very frustrating to me. Those views are NOT what Jesus intended.

How can I say that with such certainty? Jesus said that if a place didn’t agree with you, then move along. “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet.”~Jesus Matthew 10:14

Sounds like Jesus wanted to force his teachings on people, doesn’t it? Wanted you to be confrontational. Wanted you to cram your ideas of down a persons throat, right? If you are taking all of that as I am seriously saying Jesus meant all of that then please step back, breathe and let’s move on. 

Too bad so many Christians don’t take the attitude of Jesus, you know the guy they follow, about sharing Christianity. I know of one ordained minister who pretty much says it’s his job to try and keep at a person, be confrontational about it. I disagreed with him. He didn’t like that. Yes, I do that. A piece of paper doesn’t make you more knowledgeable or closer to God than anyone else. Sometimes it means you were willing to use your credit card for that online site to get your paper. I use mine to by books by Indie Authors trying to make their dreams come true.

What am I?

I have been friends in the physical world and blog world with virtually every walk of life. Being in a college town will do that. And I have been supportive of every walk of life that does not bring harm to others.  Why?

I see people, I don’t see labels. That’s not exactly correct. I do see the labels, I just don’t live by them.

I don’t force anyone to be like me, or believe like me, or think like me. You don’t have to be my clone for me to follow your blog or read your posts or support your blog by having it mentioned here on mine.

If you’ve read my blog you’ve seen articles and poems about pretty much every subject. I’ve written about society. I’ve written about love. I’ve written about sex. I’ve written about sensuality. I’ve written about being a father. I’ve written about blogging and writing.

All of those things are who I am. Being a Christian is part of that, the main part of that. It guides all the other pieces of my life. When I stray from that part of my life things become confused and wrong. Since my fall and concussion those times happen. I always find my way back and I write about that as well. I write about my faith. Hopefully not in a preachy way. There are realities of life that we all should face.

For me, I face them every day and am fine with them. For others I hope they can face Christianity, true Christ Led Christianity in a favorable way. Not the hate groups like the church that boycotts funerals. Or the supposed religious icon on his TV show that says don’t support your child who loves the same gender.

I’ve written about my thoughts on same gender love. It would surprise my denomination but is as Biblical as it can get.

Passion is a part of Christianity in a way few people realize. By knowing God, by loving God and being loved by God I believe I have opened myself up to the ultimate in loving. If you know me you know I love hard. I have passion about what I love, what I care for.

Failures of a Diatribe

There are a great many times I will see the title of an article and won’t even bother clicking it, even if it is by someone I follow in the blogs or an opinion of a famous person I might like because the title is just that bad. Sometimes it’s bad of subject and sometimes it’s bad in regards to Christianity. Sure I am open to opinions but those with intelligence behind them.

And some of this goes back to an article I wrote about a blogger’s personality. We are lulled in to a safe place and then slapped by what may be the true personality of the blogger with a diatribe. In that one moment, that one glimpse all of that effort put in to building up a blog loses momentum. They’ve created a facade that has now been seen through and must be sewn back up for people to hopefully forget about.

I don’t think anyone today is surprised at my talking about Christianity during my Sunday Thoughts. You know, I am not defending churches or any particular denomination, although I am a member of a certain church. They all get it wrong. They all get a bit of it right. They’ve made Church Traditions imitators of Biblical Teachings.

It happens in every aspect of society at some point. You just need to step back periodically and get back to basics. It’s kind of like a pitching coach for baseball. He sees his ace pitcher having problems. The coach watches and sees if the pitcher is doing the basic mechanics right. And that’s where the problem normally lies.

Nobody’s Perfect

In closing, if you run across a Christian that just seems to touch that nerve of, “If that’s what a Christian is then what’s the point?” then step back and compare to the teachings of Jesus.

I haven’t been perfect in my Christian walk, but I try to follow as best as I can. That’s all we’re asked to do, try. We can’t be perfect. But we can make good decisions and be a good example.

I hope I haven’t been too preachy to all of you today. It wasn’t my intent. This was actually the third version of this and maybe even not the best. Maybe it delivered the point I wanted. Maybe it didn’t, but I hope you received something positive from it.

My goal in life and in Blog World is to share my love, encouragement, and positivity. When it comes down to it, that’s all I’ve got to give.

Much Respect


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14 thoughts on “The Truth of My Faith.

  1. “My goal in life and in Blog World is to share my love, encouragement, and positivity. When it comes down to it, that’s all I’ve got to give.”

    So you are giving us all of you, in a sense and are very much respected member of blog world because of it.

    As much as possible I try to keep it real here in blog world. I’ve recently shared my opinion on a very personal matter for most people. The post was somewhat controversial in nature, but I did so keeping it real.

    To me there is a difference between Religion and Spirituality/Faith. Unfortunately there are many that follow a religion, but throw stones at so many of us, that this is very upsetting – especially to me. I went a bit in detail in my Friday post.

    That post was already 1600+ words long and each and every point could have gotten another 1600 words.
    As for the difference between Religion and Spirituality and the thing of throwing stones, perhaps too many of those stones have hit me personally because of who was throwing them. I don’t like being judged by people. I always say, that if you have not walked in another shoe how would you know.

    Judgements are a broad human thing, not only a thing religious people do. But perhaps my thinking is that instead of judging me you could show me some compassion. This is what I try to do. I try to show compassion. When I go to church I expect to find love and acceptance there, not judgments and nasty looks. This is why I just don’t feel comfortable in a church. I’ve been to many churches, but once you start going there often it is always the same thing, preconceived judgments.

    Maybe I’m just anti-social….

    I love Jesus, but I don’t love being told I’m a horrible human being and Christian. I know for myself that I’m not perfect…. but then nobody is.

    I could go on and on with this comment, I guess something hit a nerve. To be honest I found it quite difficult to write about my own faith, in such a personal manner as I have done, but I needed to. And you are one of the few bloggers which I see write about your own faith in a manner that I can relate to. I really do love reading your Christian blog. Keep on blogging, you touch us even if you don’t know that you do.


  2. It’s interesting–I often think of the quote you cited above in contemplating my place as an atheist in an aggressively Christian nation. “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet.”~Jesus Matthew 10:14. If that is the case, non-believers had better not let their heels cool too long.

    It’s an exhausting thing, living in a Christian world (and my world, from day to day, is a Christian world regardless of the greater world). So many people regard non-belief (or lack of faith, as I’ve been told–noticing how that phraseology implies a shortcoming on my part) as a failing, an aberration, and most often an affront. Somehow, my atheism (and there, I said it, that word) becomes a personal, intentional insult. So I nod and smile, wary of how being “outed” could affect my business, my role as a community official, the social standing of my children. Think I’m wrong? In America, folks would sooner trust a rapist than an atheist.

    I’ve probably offended you–and I should keep my mouth shut–but I’ve enjoyed your blog and that quote stuck out in my mind.


    • That’s interesting. I feel differently. I feel that being openly Christian people look at me as though I must be some ignorant person who doesn’t believe in science. I do believe in science, I just look at what there is from a different point of view when it comes to certain parts of it. We all interpret things differently.

      I actually see America becoming more aggressively not Christian. Children not allowed to pray at lunch or read a Bible during free reading time. But again, it’s from each of our own personal views and experiences.

      Very good comment. Makes you aware of the other side of things. I think it’s also community related as well. Some are more, oh the word is escaping me, but they are insistent on one or the other and don’t want to accept whatever the opposite is.

      Much Respect to You


  3. Many are confused, hurt and angered by those who claim to come in Jesus name and don’t have love for all men. Love is the basis of Christianity, LOVE, in all you say and do, toward all men! Your posts shows that you’re a follower of Christ and his love abides in you. It is one of the reasons people are drawn to you.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Its unfortunate that more Christians aren’t like you. living in Catholic Ireland, you are certainly judged as lacking if you’re not Christian. Everyone has a right to say what they want on their own blog. And no one can deny that terrible things have been done, and still are being done in the world in the name of religion. But equally, so are a lot of good things done too. I have contact with a lot of people in US, and their extremism with regard to their Christian faith scares me… it makes me see how good people are capable of bad things through being blinkered and misguided. I am not against religion, just the way people misuse it, as you yourself pointed out. And I dont think we should ever forget things like the crusades and the witch trials… if we ignore them, how can we ever learn from them and grow as people?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well the part about not looking to them to see what true Christians should be like was my trying to say those are not what true Christians are supposed to be like but people do look at those examples as the only examples of Christianity.

      So it isn’t ignoring their existence,as a History teacher I would never say ignore a part of history as a learning aspect. But when wanting to see what Jesus meant for his followers to truly be like, don’t look at those examples.

      Liked by 1 person

    • That’s really the way it should be. If people can see it in your walk, in your life, in the things you say and do, then it is truly in you. I try. I fail. I try again. The winning is in the not trying again. The being a Christian is in the trying again and again after each time you find yourself not living up to his teachings.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the comment. AND for understanding this was about MY Christian faith and MY example and walk as opposed to Christianity in general. I don’t think some are quite getting that.
      You are an amazing friend. I am very fortunate to know you. Thank you very much.

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