Is my face red? How do you Define Love?

I attempted to write an article for my Thought Post, had the idea and everything, but something got in the way. Love. My son’s very first baseball game.

Oh, I arrived home with plenty of time to write the article, but it requires too much brain activity, and that’s something I don’t have at the moment. Why? Love.

I’m allergic to the sun and to heat. My son had to be at the fields at 11:45 for the parade of teams and the first pitch to be thrown out by a future NFL wide receiver expected to be drafted in the 4th or 5th round. “B” as I call my son here in Blog World, was very excited. He actually had him autograph his cap in a specific spot so the signature would not get rubbed and messed up. My son thinks a lot. Not sure where he gets it from.

After 4 PM on a beautiful sun filled day and a winning score of 12-2 I managed to get back to the car. Barely. Very dizzy. And even though I had 50 SPF on I was sun burned badly. Even through my shirt. Yes, apparently my allergy has become worse.

But why did I risk it? Love. I took precautions. I felt the heat, but I always do. I knew I would get burned a little. I knew the migraine I am in the middle of as I write this would be this bad, okay, I didn’t know it would be THIS bad. I can’t say I remember the last one that spiked this badly, but I have a dedication to this blog and my friends for some reason.

My son needed me there his first game. And I WANTED to be there.

That brings me to my question today, and I may compile the answers into a future post.

What is your definition of love? Or, how have you demonstrated your definition of love before?

Leave a comment.

You might also do a post of your own with your definition and example and leave a link to it in a comment below for others to read. But please let it be a new post, not an old post.






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15 thoughts on “Is my face red? How do you Define Love?

  1. If it was my daughter out there playing her first game I would have been right there too, even though I to get sick from too much sunshine although not as bad as you seem to be. (and I Live in the country known for sunshine)
    I’ll give your question a think through 🙂

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  2. Love is as much the sun as it is the moon. Love is the experience everyone wants to remember be it while shifting from spring to summer in June or anticipating the coming year on the 31st of December. Love is the cookie with thoughtfulness baked and love is letting someone jump into the pile of leaves you just raked. Love is amazing firework splendor and love is delicate newborn tender. Love is a cuddle, a glance, a wink. Love is green, or blue or pink. Love is the center of where happiness lives. Love is whatever you say it is.
    ©2015 Annette Aben

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  3. Being a redhead, like you, I smoother the factor 50 on as well, Ronovan. I don’t particullay like the sun, because I burn far too easily and I don’t like not being able to cool down. I don’t like our British summers when they become too hot and humid. A lot of people don’t understand that when I tell them. I much prefer the Spring and Autumn months.

    However, I would have done exactly the same as you and gone and watched B had it been my son.

    Love is when you will do anything for the one(s) you love.

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  4. Love is sacrifice. It is sacrificing yourself without thought and because it is the only choice you have, for that other person, or thing. As I believe you’ve proven. 🙂

    But. What do I know. 😉


  5. That was my writing challenge this last week… Sort of – what does love taste and sound like, I wrote a little piece of flash too, if I hadn’t done that I may well have written a post on this, very thought provoking. I’ve often wondered what it really is – is it that initial honeymoon intensity or the candle that still burns for the old couple 50 years later. How when they are so different can they be part of the same thing?

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