Nonsense and Such: The Animal Minded or None-A Poem? (Throwback Thursday)

Lost Man in Chair

Nonsense and Such: The Animal Minded or None

by: Ronovan

I never saw the flight of a turtle dove

Its shell must weigh so much

But when the howler monkey screeches

Why does he choose to say it such


And how much tross could an abla tross

If an abla could tross tross

The truth of the matter is so simple

You determine it by a coin toss


Where does the rilla go

When he must be somewhere

Wherever it must be

He will go in his suit of hair


What does the snake wear with its rattle

When it attends a formal function

Whatever it is it must be secure

Lest there be a wardrobe malfunction


And how will the old coot bandi about

When the season does change

Most likely find another place

But still in down under range


Some may wonder what has happened

To the mind of this odd man

I will explain to you someday

When I can catch it with my hand


© Copyright-All rights, 2014.


8 thoughts on “Nonsense and Such: The Animal Minded or None-A Poem? (Throwback Thursday)

  1. My maternal grandfather used to quote nonsense poems:
    I thought I saw a butterfly that fluttered round the lamp
    I looked again and saw it was a penny postage stamp
    “You’d best be getting home,” I said, “The nights are rather damp.”
    …..there were more verses. Can judge the age by that penny postage stamp, ah, nostalgia….

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