Someday (Letter Three)

This is a Becky Meyer of the blog Humyn that I just connected with on Twitter today through Suzie’s #SundayBlogShare. Writing a becky-meyerletter to herself? I read it and I think it is a great idea. I think in a way we all do it in different forms, but I really like this. I see a bloghop out of this she could start #LetterToMyself. I really enjoyed this and other things I read. Follow her on her blog and Twitter.


Someday, this will be a memory. Someday you'll be okay. Someday, this will be just a memory. Someday, you’ll be okay.

This is my third letter to myself. I know, I write letters to myself a lot. But writing in itself is cathartic, and this letter-writing technique has proven to be just what I needed.

Letter One

Letter Two


Dear Me,

Maybe one day I’ll stop writing you letters.  Right now, I haven’t yet said enough. It’s crucial to communicate with you.

Today is one of those beautiful “good” days. Your thoughts are clear, and you feel in control.

I cannot, however, explain why your negative thoughts surrounded you a couple of days ago. They swarmed like bees, stinging you again and again. They made their way into your mouth, down your throat, and suffocated you. You collapsed, succumbing to these thoughts instead of controlling them. That day, your negativity controlled you.

At this point in time, I still…

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4 thoughts on “Someday (Letter Three)

  1. Good Morning Ron,
    Thannk you for sharing. What a lovely girl! I wish I could give her a warm hug and erase her pain forever. I agree with you, “Letter to Myself” may be just all it will take, and she will triumph!

    Thanks for sharing.


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      • Thank you so much for this idea. I love it! I could see a lot of people wanting to jump on board with it, too. If I do start it, I’ll make sure to mention you and that you were the one who gave me the idea to start it. 🙂

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