My Blog Anniversary post of Choice.

If you were around a few days ago, you may have noticed I did a Guess Who game. I put up a profile photo of one our friends, she had changed it, and I thought it would be fun to see who could guess who it was. It was a bit obvious. In fact it was probably taken on the same day as her previous photo but this would looked all cool and movie like with the wind blowing her hair and all.

The winners, incluguessding her if she were reading, got to select a post to be reblogged here on RonovanWrites.

Melissa of The Aran Artisan, the lady in the photo of the game, decided to choose the post of a friend instead of one of her own. So I give you her choice.

yellow-bicycle-retiringLife With a Yellow Bicycle is a blog by Stephanie .

“My blog is about an ordinary woman with an extraordinary yellow bicycle and how together as a team, they overcame one of life’s dreaded obstacles. It is also about my thoughts and philosophies and stories over the course of that time.”

That’s only the first paragraph of an extraordinary story about an extraordinary woman and her extraordinary yellow bicycle that may have saved an extraordinary life.

yellow-bicycle-beachThis is Yellow Bicycle at the beach, the photo from the article you will be going to read today.

steph-and-bike-dunlaoire-002This is Stephanie and Yellow Bicycle. Yellow looks to be the most amazing bicycle. And looks so strong. The picture itself is great. I love the images. Old and new together. An Ireland lady on an adventure called life.

Now it is time to visit Stephanie and Yellow Bicycle in what turns out not to be a reblog but a request.

Today is the one year anniversary of RonovanWrites.

anniversary-1xI wasn’t going to do anything because it’s just another day of meeting people for me but I changed my mind after reading this. I have chosen this post as the one I wish for all of you to visit as a present to me. Why? The story is a reason for one. Another reason? Blogging, for me, is more than simply writing about me and my creations. Although that is what you see most of. Blogging for me this past year on RonovanWrites has been about meeting Extraordinary People with Extraordinary Stories who believe themselves to be Ordinary People with Ordinary Lives.

After reading the story Melissa had suggested, I could not think of anything I could write on this day that could come close to telling something similar to what I have been going through since that day a year and a half ago when my life was literally taken away.

It is called Je ne regrette rien ( Heading in a different direction). A story of, well it’s one you are going to read about now. I am finished speaking.


With Greatest  Respect to All Who Visit Here,



13 thoughts on “My Blog Anniversary post of Choice.

  1. Happy Anniversary! I am so impressed by all you have accomplished in one year, seriously. As I am relatively new to the blogging world as well as to your blog, I thought you had been doing this for much longer. You have such a handle on creating a warm, caring, supportive environment as well as being a storehouse of remarkable information. Your personal sharing is genuine and your talent for writing, well let’s just say, this is (in my humble opinion) is something you were created to do! So again, Happy Anniversary and thank you for allowing me to share in this experience which enhances the quality of my life immeasurably! ❤ Oh and I am now heading to read that post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fantastic post! I love her energy, courage and the van sounded delightful… Also loved the advice the shop keepers gave her… I am grateful that you posted this Ron, I may never have seen it any other way.


  3. Happy anniversary! And a beautiful way to share it. Thank you for welcoming me into the little community you’ve built. Here’s to another, bigger, better year! 🙂


  4. Hello Ronovan. I am really happy you went with posting Stephanie. Thank you for that. Her message and writing are worth sharing.
    I’m surprised to know you have only been blogging for a year and actually discovered that on my own day before yesterday. Clearly you have found your calling, your place to express yourself and serve others. How you could possibly know all you do about the ins and outs of blogging and WordPress is pretty amazing.
    I only put that photo on twitter, I kept the one of Johnny and I here, It was time to lose the winter hat on my twitter account as spring is here at last!
    Hope you are treating your self good on this super special day 🙂


  5. Happy Anniversary for yesterday.. how remiss of me! 🙂 All the very best for the many more years to come of RonovanWrites… and to all that you set out to accomplish.


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