RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge 41 Review

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Week #41 Haiku Challenge Review of the Words Want & Tatters

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New This Week

Chechennairamblingsnnai of Twisted Tales on Life: I like that blog name. Twisted tales, twisted tails. 🙂 Okay, moving along. “But for those millions of screaming fans out there (regardless of the fact that you are screaming at some megastar who just earns a bit more and is fabulous looking), I am just a normal woman in Chennai who has nothing else to do (except work, read and listen to music now and then), passionate about a few things – humour, reading, bloghopping and actually reading a few (especially if they are accompanied by snaps of cute guys). I am also nuts about coffee. I am currently head over heels in love with this darling man who thinks the world of me, as he should.” I Think Ronovan Writes is the best blog I’ve ever come across.~From her About Page. Okay, some of that might be from her about page and some might not be. You’ll have to go visit to figure out which is which. Now for the Haiku: Roving Hands. Very good one here. At first I am thinking of  one thing but then as I read it a second time I got it. Well, I think I did. Men sometimes show their Twisted Tails.

First to Enter this Week:

laughter-lines-sue-vincentSue Vincent from Daily Echo: Fire. A lot of people enjoyed this one this week. I mean A LOT. The photograph with it makes you see one thing until you step back a moment and break it down. A very illusional image. Yeah, I made up another word. Sue is one of our resident authors with a LOT of books on Amazon. Click here to check them out. @SCVincent  But Check out her NEW BOOK by clicking the image. Available in Paperback and for Kindle.


Mira of They, You And Me and To Wear a Rainbow blogs: 2 this week.  Want. Ooohhhh, yeeeaahh. All I am saying. Mira has a second one on her To Wear a Rainbow blog, Smile Away. I can see the meaning of it as it was intended, but initially, well, after reading the first few Haiku this week, my mind went somewhere else, but the smile showed up just the same.  @BediMona

Greg of Potholes in the Road of Life: Tattered Life. Greg has the right attitude. As Teddy Roosevelt would say, “CHARGE!” No, the Haiku isn’t about riding rough. (Wonder how many will get that?)  @greg_wolford 

Alyssa of Battered Wife Seeking Better Life: I’ve Said Too Much. I will pretend this one I never saw when the investigators ask me. @BWseekingBL

Edwina of Edwina’s Episodes: For Want of Peace. Edwina noted it was a tricky prompt this week but her result was better than I think she knows. I am thinking of my mind as the object in this Haiku. It is great need of it this past week or so with not much relief to it

Serins of Serins Sphere and Mystified Memoir: Jelly Tots. This Haiku is on her other WordPress blog, thus if you go there and it looks odd, it’s still her. Tumblr does not support ping backs. You actually have to use a plug-in to make it work. I did some research when she first started having the problem. @SerinsSphere

Elizabeth of Tea & Paper: Nonsense. Makes complete sense to me. Try coming up with new prompt words each week. 🙂 @TeandPaper

Ritu of But I Smile Anyway…: Two this week.  Heartbreak and Little Beggar Girl. Emotional offerings this week, as if Ritu has anything else to give, right? Hmm, odd that’s what I think of when I see Ritu pop up, emotions.

Sacha Black of Sacha Black: Haters. I’m sad. She’s thrown me to the side. Sniff, sniff. Tears on my laptop, pain in my mouse. Hmm, doesn’t have the same lyrical qualities of the original song. Technology ruins a good doo wop song.

mkdbMartha of Meredith’s Musings: Heartbroken and Desire. YES, that’s Martha for all of those who have wondered what she looks like. I’ve been wanting to share but wouldn’t until she outed herself. 🙂 She’s dealing in love this week. You know, you never like sad love, but especially so when it comes from sweet people.  @Meredithlbl

Rachael Ritchey of Writing Rachael Ritchey: Fickle. She outs the fluidity of my mind as it passes from one though to the next and forgets the previous only slightly sooner than the current. MUST READ. Remember to check out her book The Beauty Thief is available on Amazon with great reviews.  

Khor Hui Min of Project Prose:  Astray?. Set’s up the Haiku with an intro image giving the mood then gives us the Haiku. Quite interesting. I also find it interesting how people look at the prompt words this week. @MinKhor

Steven Walsky of Simplicity Lane: Tatters of Water. A very interesting use of the prompts and makes sense. Impressed.  Simplicity Lane is free, go here for where you can get it.  Through a Stranger’s Eyes here and Résumé for Love for free here.

Nato of Chasing Life and Finding Dreams –  Tattered Hope of my Heart. I think one a lot of people can identify with. And don’t forget that Michelle also has something else other than great writing talent going for her. Visit Michelle Lunato Photography. @MichelleLunato

Josue Mapagdalita (pen name: Sueju Takeshi) of Takeshi’s Flight: Thrifty. Life advice here for us all. Advice too many of us don’t take.

SW ysobel of Spunky WayfarerThe Mark of Z? Huh? Okay. Liking this one. . @SpunkyWayfarer

earlyMeredith of Meredith’s Musings: Healh and Porch Sitting. Haiku and a health update from Meredith. And not to be outdone, I am sharing a recent photo of her. Porch sitting works for me. Looks like a good day for it.  @Meredithlbl


clickerwriter of Captured by Aishwarya: I don’t want a tattered heart! Go give some hugs. 🙂 Pats on the back. Good words. Any of that kind of lovey dovey stuff. 🙂

Rajani Radhakrishnan of THOTPURGE: Tattered.  Three of them, and the last is most appropriate for April. Can any of you think of the reason why? Except for Rajani that is.

Sandra of Wild Daffodil: Tatters. Ha, a dilemma, I think. Hmm. But then is the second one an issue?

Florence of Meanings and Musings: Soaring while Grounded.
Now your dreams are yours
In a life new and waiting,
Dreams watch patiently

Canaf of Faithful Devotionals: What a Girl Wants. So, saying no Tacos, eh? Well, I do suppose too many tacos would probably be counter to want a girl wants in this case.

Alka Girdhar of Magnanimous WordTypes of Tatters. A very good subject this week. In truth the best subject matter yet. MUST READ. @girally

Marigold of Versus Blurb: Don’t. The issue of love? You know I read and I assume that’s the subject many chose this week, but maybe it’s not. You know really when you read something it could be something entirely different. If you intentionally go in with the purpose of not looking at it from the love angle it could take on other lives. Go purchase Marigold Deidre Dicer’s book The Black Swan Inheritance from Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes and Noble or the iBooks store or purchase it from Amazon on Kindle by clicking here. @MarigoldDicer 

Dr. KO of KO Rural Mad As Hell Blog: Want some taters. So she combined two challenges this week, so what. She said she cheated but she didn’t.

Vashti Quiroz-Vega: Eve’s Temptation. Shame shame, getting spicy over there. Get Vashti’s current book, The Basement on Amazon by clicking here.

Melissa of The Aran ArtisanTrashy Romance. Yes, my title. You’ll get it when you go and read. 🙂 @thearanartisan

Colleen of Silver Threading: Tattered and Beaten. Nope, not what you are thinking. Awesome photo to go with it too. @ColleenChesebro  Also remember to drop by the LWI site and read Colleen’s Book Reviews. She is excellent. Click here to see everything she’s written.

Claudette of to search and to find happiness in every day: Complete. Yeah, another thinky one from Claudette. But you get it after a couple of times. I like those though. This one seems kind of deep to me..

Marjorie of Kyrosmagica: Bronze Alice. Loved her source of inspiration. And the photo to go with it was awesome. Everyone needs to go take a look.  

Melissa M of This, right now: Tatters. I find it interesting the different types of certain things in this world. When I think if the object here, being from a state where the flower and tree is this but a different variety.

Wendy Anne Darling of Silver Lightning: Prosperity. A good way of looking at things. Remember Wendy is one of our Authors. Get Silver Lightning Volume One at Amazon by clicking here.

E. Rawls of E. Rawls: Author creating stories and art: Potatoes for Soup and The Sea’s Hunger A touch of humor I think you will all enjoy with that first one, especially literary types, and nature sneaks in with the second. Remember another author in the house. I think the best would be to her book page on her weebly site,  

Evolving Ruminations: Materialistic Glutton.  Actually that’s two Haiku but I thought the titles worked so well together. Um, erm, well, y’all go read now, you hear?



Alka Girdhar of Magnanimous WordTypes of Tatters. A very good subject this week. In truth the best subject matter yet. @girally 


ronovan writes humor haiku badge


E. Rawls of E. Rawls: Author creating stories and art: Potatoes for Soup    

And the Closing Haiku:

Memories tattered,

In days and nights with no rest,

I only want peace.



Much Respect,


© Copyright-All rights reserved by 2015




13 thoughts on “RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge 41 Review

  1. Oh Ron, you’re so funny. Hey, my life has been depressing enough so why not have some fun with it? Although, maybe I did say too much. 😉 Great review, as always.


  2. I love the way your mind works Ronovan. Your humour had me giggling through this whole read. I hope you don’t mind, but I changed the title of my post to your title, with full credit of course. I wasn’t completely happy with my super wordyness and told Johnny you’d come up with something clever. Didn’t plan to change it, but ya, well, my pride isn’t so big that I can’t admit when someone has a better idea than mine. Thanks and great review. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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