Kiss, A Zambia Cartoon? What?

It’s the final day of the A to Z Blogging Challenge and we’re in Zambia. Home of the Cartoons. Okay, so maybe not THE cartoons, but they do have their cartoonists and I’m going to share a few with you.

As you may expect from cartoonists, there is a bit of political satire. Satire is grounded in truth but with a touch of humor added to get the point across.

First up is a name I couldn’t resist, Kiss Brian Abraham.

We are concerned with Social Justice, we want to see a world in which mutual respect and justice prevails.
We provide support to organisations that want to make a positive difference in society. Our objective is to increase technical capacity of organisations, providing administrative support, increasing visibility of their work and their message by providing media services and support in development of Information,Education, Communication materials.~From KBA Innovations.

 He’s a cartoonist with a mission and a quest of equality.


This was after a government official, well I’ll just say it, stupidly said it was okay to beat wives because you loved them, or so that was the way it was from where he came from.



I like this one. It fits in every nation on earth.

Well, there you have it. One whole month of comics and cartoons. Here at the end of the alphabet it got a little thin with the number of people but then I didn’t want to get into the political stuff too much for this challenge. As I expand, perhaps on another site, I will include everything I find but for now, you got what you got and that’s all I got to give.

Much Respect


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6 thoughts on “Kiss, A Zambia Cartoon? What?

    • I think perhaps you are a touch biased. 🙂 I will be creating a lot more content about comics, a comprehensive study and history of the creators, companies, countries, and characters perhaps on a dedicated blog. People have suggested a book as well. I have rediscovered a part of my past I really enjoyed through this. Amnesia stinks, you know? I think a book is possible but in various styles as I changed the style I used about midway through the challenge. I’m a story teller. If I have enough to tell a story with then I will tell one.:) Thank you for the support. I am certain there are many of my readers who are happy it’s over. Oh, and I may be coming to you to ask for your suggestions on characters or creators to look at. And perhaps even interview at times.If that’s okay with you.

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      • Wow, I’d be flattered! You pour so much of yourself into the blogging community I’d be happy to give back what I can to help and add support! And a book would be fantastic – a graphic one? I should try and twist my nephew’s arm to help; he works at Shepperton (the film studios) model making for the animators and drawing cartoons in his spare time – he did the book cover on Dead Flies and I’ve wanted to do a graphic novel with him but yours sounds more achievable. PS if you need a direct contact the email is Glepard at saqnet dot co dot uk

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  1. Congrats for making the A to Z challenge. These cartoons remind me of the political satire we get here. Our most known cartoonist unfortunately passed on a few days ago, but he is still worth checking out if someone where interested in Namibian political satire / cartoons such as the above. His name was Gene Travers if you would like to Google that. 😉


  2. Congratulations for coming to the end of this big commitment, but more so for the rediscovery of something near and dear to you. It’s wonderful that you will continue to nurture the comic creator in yourself. Best of luck on your new creative endeavor!


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