What I learned from A to Z.

It’s May 1, 2015 and the April A to Z Blogging Challenge is completed. For those of you not knowing what that is, you blog in alphabetical order posts each day, minus Sundays for good behavior, from A to Z.

You can choose a theme or just seat of pants it. I chose comic book creators from around the world. Why? I grew up reading comics and I see them as being a part of why I read as well as I do, am as creative, and just plain goofy at times.

I learned a lot during the challenge, and not just about comic books, comix, albums, manhua, manga, or any other names they are called, oh yeah, Komiks.

I learned geography, cultural history, world history, societal influences. All of this learned while researching comic books. Each nation had commonalities that one might be surprised about. Comic books are treated differently depending on where you are in the world.

In the US they are still seen as a children’s book. They are far from that now. Very far. In other parts of the world they are seen as art work, graphic literature, which is what I like to call comic books, and they are not always about superheroes.

If I were teaching right now I would use an A to Z format to give students a way to learn those aspects I mentioned learning earlier. By researching something they are interested in, sticking to the challenge without wavering, and marking the countries, regions, provinces, or cities you visit, you learn a great deal, and through that joy of learning you remember those things as well as realizing learning can be fun.

Some will think I am stretching how much I learned about geography, cultural history, world history and societal influences but I’m not. Graphic Literature is a way people express themselves. Through fictional superheroes a person can tell a controversial societal or political issue using a down and out weakling who becomes a hero and then fights against the superficial popular hero who is really fake and a sham and scam underneath.

That’s how one gets  away with telling certain stories in countries where one might be imprisoned or executed if coming out against the ruler of the nation.

Through this challenge, one I decided on at the last moment, and had no real idea of a theme until the very last moment, I’ve come to realize some priorities in life.

It’s no longer April, but I encourage any of you to do this challenge even now. But let me give some advice. If you are going to do an around the world thing, be careful. Some of those letters are tough to find people. Not many places for the letter X.

I’ll leave you with some last images of a book that was one of my favorites books, Ruse, by a company called CrossGen, which is now owned by Marvel Comics. A book about a Sherlock Holmes type character with a female Watson type. Powers in the book, yes, but one of the most beautiful pieces of artwork series ever.



Much Respect


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8 thoughts on “What I learned from A to Z.

  1. I think that’s great that you learned something during the challenge. I think many people who do the challenge are not used to blogging regularly so its a good way to get them blogging each day.
    Glad you enjoyed A to Z

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    • 🙂 The blogging every day part was pretty easy, One year of blogging an over 1100 posts already, a bit post happy I am. But the learning about the countries and the links between them was interesting.

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  2. Great post Ronovan. LIke you, I’ve learned so much through the challenge both through the topics I researched and wrote about but also the many posts which I read. I do try to build relationships with the blogs I follow and those who follow me, which meant that I tended to follow people through on their A-Z Challenge rather than flitting all over the place. Hence, I have built deeper connections with the bloggers I already knew and developed new friendships. I also tried to keep in touch with the people I’ve been blogging with for awhile, who weren’t participating. I didn’t want to. in effect, go away on a holiday and leave them behind in case they’d moved on when I came back. That said, we’re all busy.
    This was my first year and I didn’t set out with a theme but loosely wrote about some of my favourite things. Next year, I will have a theme where there is more of a stronger thread to help reduce the research load. I’m also intending to have much of the posts written ahead of time so I can read more during the challenge. I am also planning to read more contributions now the writing load has at least dropped off a little xx Rowena

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  3. I’ve not read much graphic literature, but the images from Ruse ARE beautiful. Since I’ve been out of the loop since mid-February, I’ve only been dimly aware of the A to Z challenge, but I’m sure that choosing a theme intensified the challenge.

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  4. First of all, I mean to thank you for tweeting my About and letting more people know me!!! 🙂 Honestly, my geography is as terrible as my sense of direction. Thus I found it interesting to read this blog. It’s worth it.

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