Good girl

I would share this directly to Twitter bus the doesn’t have that option, so-Reblogging it and cheating that way. Go visit the good Doctor’s post.

KO Rural Mad As Hell Blog

Qia works hard. She enjoys most of her work and she enjoys time off too. She enjoys many activities.

She wakes one day and she is in a space. It is not inside: no ceiling. It is not outside: no clouds or sky or sun or moon.

She is standing in a box. There are more boxes for as far as she can see. They are made of wood. Some are plain and some are ornate. Some are inlaid or carved. Some have rare wood.

She steps from box to box. They are up to her thighs. She is careful. Some are beautiful.

A male voice says “You need to pick a box.”

Some are square, a triangle, octagonal. All shapes.

“You need to pick a box.”

“I am looking.” says Qia. She doesn’t want to pick one. She wants to look at them and examine them. She could spend…

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