RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge Review 52

If you do not see your name below and you did write a Haiku for the challenge, please leave a comment and I will add you to the Review. I may have missed the link in the comments section of the Challenge. Thank you for your participation.

The image is a painting done in Photoshop, well I used Meredith’s photo from her blog as the inspiration. The smudge tool makes for a great way to give that painted, brush stroke look.



Week #52 Haiku Challenge Review of the Words Silent & Loud.

Be aware all links and images if clicked will open in a new window. Links are in blue and usually underlined. I believe they look cleaner and nicer this way rather than having a URL showing on the page.

New This Week

OnTheLand: “Hello! I started this blog when I moved to the country, off a dirt road, in the middle of nowhere, near Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  I was excited to live in nature ‘on the land’, my dream since childhood.  I was also happy to finally have a patch of land where I could try growing vegetables and herbs- -perfect for a vegetarian and natural foods enthusiast!” From her About Page. Much more there and her sidebar. Very informative and nicely done. The Haiku: Dawn. Excellent. Very nature grounded Haiku. Good structure. And put in a nice plug for the challenge. First Haiku since grade school. YAY!!!  

R. Todd of R. Todd Writes: “I love science fiction and fantasy. I also enjoy writing poetry. A lot of what you will find here will fall into one of those three categories. I leave my real life stuff over on that other site I mentioned earlier.” From his About Page. Much more there and entertaining. The Haiku: Trapped. Hmm, a theme this week it seems. One I could have written about as well.

Sky Vani of Stain: There is something familiar about this blog but I am putting her as a new one just in case. But seriously. Very familiar, but what does the amnesiac know, right? “Let’s make it clear at the beginning, I’m not philosopher nor poet. In fact, I am nothing special, just an ordinary … With an ordinary life … But hey, sometimes I like to dive my head in the pillow and dream away. Sometimes I just go to a nicer time in the past. Sometimes, if I gather courage, I step into a better future. However, I mostly just close my eyes and watch. I look a little at myself, or imagine people around a little. And that’s it …” From her About the Author Page. The Haiku: After the midnight. Hmm. Several meanings here. I like the profile photo used. A bit artistic. 🙂  

Mark Schutter of Maleko’s Art: “I never thought I would be this old & have my life just begin! Life is an adventure & the present is the moment that touches eternity.”~From his Side bar. More there to find out. The Haiku: A Rhyming Scheme. You’ll have to read it and you’ll get where I got the name from. 🙂 

First to Enter this Week:

Annette Rochelle Aben: Silence Rings First, she’s a published author, and you can visit her Amazon Author page here. One of those books has included as one of the 25 Global Voices of Social Media. She has numerous shows through The Magic Happens radio network, there is The Magic Happens Radio, then Tell Me A Story which is a weekly program. That link will take you to my interview with her. Then she has a daily show as well, PerspectivepowerAnd remember her being a writer for the online magazine The Magic Happens-Humanity Thriving Out Loud. Check out her inclusion in the new just realeased anthology; Indies Unlimited’s 2014 Flash Fiction Anthology here.

Florence of Meanings and Musings: Inner Thoughts. I like the alternate word for silent. If I had done a Haiku other than the example it would have included this word. Florence is also a member of the Lit World Interviews Team. Read her posts here. @FTThum

Angie Lin of Muddied Thoughts: Demanding. Mhmm. Yep.

Clarence Holm of PrairieChat: Closing Time. Um, I wonder if this was a personal experience? Hmm.

Mira of They, You And Me and To Wear a Rainbow blogs: Silence Spooooky. And In Your Arms. A nice one. I like it.  @BediMona

Judy of Edwina’s Episodes: Ex-Spouses. Yes, I named it. I said, yes I did.

Ruth of Mad Meandering Me: Train Traveller’s Blues. She’s trippin’.

TJ Paris of La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin: Haiku. I might have named this one Forlorn. And a second one, Tiny things of exquisite beauty. Oooooo read about this traitorous man. France loves him no more. But a cool story of his life. 

Olga of Stuff and what if…The Senses. I felt that the senses were represented in each line and thus the title I chose. Makes sense to me. 🙂

Ritu of But I Smile Anyway…:  Turmoil. I think word has always meant an internal force to me.

Ms. Toy Whisperer of Ms. Toy Whisperer: Frances. Looking at the prompt words used in essence here. I do believe I get it.

Sue Vincent from Daily Echo: Silence. Peace is a good description of this one. Sue is one of our resident authors with a LOT of books on Amazon. Click here to check them out. @SCVincent  But Check out her NEW BOOK. Available in Paperback and for Kindle.

Sandra of Wild Daffodil: Close. Vintage ashes would be another good title for this one. Combined with the photo challenge hosted on Blue Daisyz. She also has an Etsy Shop here.

Marjorie of Kyrosmagica: Washing Machine Woes and Dive Bombing Bird. The woman has some serious house issues.

Jane Dougherty of Jane Dougherty Writes: Two this week I think I will call  The Void. She is a published author after all. And I have interviewed her and reviewed one of her books. Visit her Amazon Author page for her books by clicking here. You can read my interview with her and her co-author here which has a link to my review.

Jennifer of The Secret Keeper: Out Loud and Silent Blue. Okay, that first one with the image. 🙂 People should have that as their screen saver and start sharing it everywhere.

Nato of Chasing Life and Finding Dreams: Silent Words, Screaming Actions. ooooooooo That’s all I can say. 00000000 Visit Michelle Lunato Photography as well. @MichelleLunato

Johnoii of johnorzehowski: Stoicism. A tree? Loud dirt? Whu? Nah, I get it and I also get the follow up message. 🙂 It just happens that way.

Al of Al the Author: A rarity. Only one this week? I feel as though I have let him down. I must come up with better words. Hrmph.

Meredith and Martha The Poetic Angels of Meredith’s Musings: Four Haiku, two from each as usual but in one post this week. Chose Wisely and Silence by Merdith & Over and Hurt by Martha. Great as usual. Martha brought her A game this week. Some very nice lines.

Wendy Anne Darling of Silver Lightning: Screaming. I think we all have some mental problems. But it’s taken me until now to realize it. Not that Wendy is mental or anything. Nooooo.  Remember Wendy is one of our Authors. Get Silver Lightning Volume One at Amazon by clicking here. And for you authors needing someone to do Audio Books, she has several out now. See the titles here.

jazzytower of Thoughts and Entanglements: Yearnings. 🙂 Pretty. 🙂

Rachael Ritchey of Writing Rachael Ritchey: Mischievous Mayhem. Mothers go and read. And read the comments as well. 🙂  Remember to check out her book The Beauty Thief is available on Amazon with great reviews.

Greg of Potholes in the Road of Life: Busy Week. I think the title is a bit of an understatement. @greg_wolford 

Shida Tahirah of 876LoveR: The LoveR has arrived.  Sugar coated. Um, well several interpretations of this one could roll through the mind. I shall remain silent despite the loudness of my thoughts. o,O

Sarah of tuckedintoacorner: Volume  Okay, so four Haiku telling a story. Volume by number and by sound? 🙂 Interesting.

Serins of Serins Sphere: Lamentations. She did a bit of playing with words this week. You might want to check it out. @SerinsSphere

Skybright1 of from heart to head: Noises. A very honest message. Very much so in this day and age.

Vashti Quiroz-Vega of The Writer Next Door: Schizophrenia. Hmm, the message is something I actually went through after my accident. I may have to write about it some day. Get Vashti’s current book, The Basement on Amazon by clicking here.

Mari T. of Overcoming Static: As If. oooooo, an interesting one. Brutal as well. I like it.

Marigold of Versus Blurb: Contrary. Makes me think of my son. 🙂 Go purchase Marigold Deidre Dicer’s book The Black Swan Inheritance from Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes and Noble or the iBooks store or purchase it from Amazon on Kindle by clicking here. @MarigoldDicer 

Juliet of Battered Wife Seeking Better Life: Rewind, Rethink, Recreate. Juliet took a trip back to that first Haiku she wrote for the first challenge and compared them to her new one. Same prompt words. See what change has happened in a year. Also read how she found the challenge. @BWseekingBL

Colleen of Silver Threading: Haunting Memories. Myths and spooks are about methinks.  @ColleenChesebro  Also remember to drop by the LWI site and read Colleen’s Book Reviews and Interviews with Indie Authors. She is excellent. Click here to see everything she’s written.

Canaf of Faithful Devotionals: Silence Please. Another one with multiple possibilities. I’m choosing the pure nature one. Also the image is awesome. MUST READ & SEE!

E. Rawls of E. Rawls: Author creating stories and art: Give A Hug/Unnoticed. Unnoticed is one we can all identify with. Give A Hug? Well I hope no one can identify with that one. :) Remember another author in the house. I think the best would be to her book page on her weebly site,  

Swatiu of imgrowing: Hello. Wow. MUST READ

Melissa Barker-Simpson of Melissa Barker-Simpson (Author): Sweet Serenity. A Haiku to describe a good friend. Melissa is an author of numerous books so make sure to visit her Author Page on Amazon here.


Swatiu of imgrowing: Hello. Wow. MUST READ

ronovan writes humor haiku badge

Clarence Holm of PrairieChat: Closing Time. Um, I wonder if this was a personal experience? Hmm.


And the Closing Haiku:

Silence as a friend,

I take as a sign of truth,

Your heavy absence.

Much Love, Much Success, and Much Respect,


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9 thoughts on “RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge Review 52

  1. You haven’t let me down at all! Here’s a bonus one to explain –

    Some weeks they pour forth
    Gushing from brain to fingers;
    Some weeks they trickle

    Thanks for the review and the challenge 🙂


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