The Haiku Challenge Explained 1: Ping Backs, Sharing, Comments.

This week I thought I would take the Haiku Prompt Challenge (Which posts each Monday at 9 AM EST, that’s New York Time.Click here for a current Time and World Map.) and break down the components of it so people might understand it a little better and then join in. So each day will be a new article about a component.

I thought I would begin with the sharing/ping back/comments part of the challenge first. I think that might be the one confusing some people at times and keeping them from joining in. For one reason, it’s changed a couple of times.

There are two ways of letting me and the Haiku family know you’ve participated. And it’s not just those who participate that are clicking the links left through the Challenge post. Some like to read only.

The Haiku Challenge is my most visited post each week. The links left are the most clicked on links each week.

Each post you do on your blog has its own URL. That’s the web address that starts with https at the top.

Sharing Way #1

When I talk about sharing your post with us or doing a ping back, I am talking about using a URL.

To do a ping back, you copy and paste the URL of the challenge prompt post into your own post. Once your post goes live, my post gets a message that says you have linked to it. It’s always good to check my post to make sure your ping back worked, if that’s the only way you want us to know you have participated.

I have an article with details about how to do a ping back: Blog Tip: How To Do A Ping Back.

Things that are not ping back URLs are your landing/home page or a category page. It must be the URL of an article/post or another kind of page.

Sharing Way #2

Some people like to simply copy and paste their Haiku post URL into the comments of the Haiku Challenge page. That works as well.

Some people do both a ping back and the copy and paste. It’s up to you what you want to do.

The Purpose of Sharing

Putting the URL for the challenge in your own post gives your readers the opportunity to find the challenge and join in. This is not a must. I’m not trying to have anyone advertise the challenge. To be honest, the challenge is for those participating and does not the enhance my blog, other than have me meet great people.

Some people who put the URL in their post do so by putting in the words Ronovan’s Challenge or Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge. That way it is more appealing than a long URL.

Whatever way you choose, at least choose one so I and all those visiting can read your Haiku.

Sharing also lets me know so I can include your blog in the weekly review of the Challenge.

The Links In the Challenge

In the Challenge post there are URLs in red that I provide each week. This is my way of giving easy copy and paste links for you to use. One link is a Ping Back link to the actual Challenge post. The other is to the Category Page for the Haiku Challenges which will not give me a ping back, but will let your readers know where to go to find the Challenge.

Why are there two URLs to use? Sometimes as you are clicking the different links in comments to read the Haiku of your fellow poets you might end up visiting the same Haiku twice because people will Ping Back and Copy and Paste their URL into the comments. So the Non Ping Back URL can keep that from happening. But I tend to go through and clean things up a little bit so really, it doesn’t matter which one you use.

Much Love, Success, and Respect


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5 thoughts on “The Haiku Challenge Explained 1: Ping Backs, Sharing, Comments.

  1. Thank you Ronovan,
    I was in the process of downloading some worksheets as I came across Haiku a couple of weeks ago and didn’t know what it was. I now sort of understand but haven’t attempted one myself yet. So yoir post today is very timely for me, I will now follow your guidance which for someone whose grey matter is slightly slowing down, I feel will be much easier for me..yehhh. Thank you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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