A Year in Haiku by @bwseekingbl

The only person that I know of to do every single Haiku Challenge. And she’s the first one in this week. Juliette, my name for Battered Wife Seeking Better Life blog owner.

Here you will see every single one of her Haiku for all 60 challenges.

Why Juliette?

It seems to fit in a way. I’ve read a year of poetry from this woman and seen a change in her. One of promise.

Battered Wife Seeking Better Life

You know that old adage, time flies when you’re having fun? Looks like there is definitely some truth to that statement.  Well, times flies by anyway so why not do something you enjoy.  At least you’ll have something to look forward to on a daily (or weekly) basis. I can hardly believe a year has passed since I stumbled upon RonovanWrites and his Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge.

While on Twitter, I started noticing all these little poems people were posting.  They were so wordy and full of meaning in only 140 characters.  Each had a different hashtag but as days went on I’d notice the same hashtags pop up on different poems.  I thought maybe it was a certain theme or topic but I just couldn’t figure out the link.  Finally, I asked one of the women I met through my blog who I noticed was a participant in these poetry.  She explained about…

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