No Bridge Too Far.

Thinking of the prompt words for my Haiku Challenge this week, I encourage you to join with the great group of poets/bloggers, my evil mind came up with this week I kept thinking of how the word bridge united two worlds. Those worlds could be any two life systems this planet possesses.

I’m staying positive in these thoughts. I’m considering the world of love today. How often have you seen that true love in your life only to say it is impossible or too much trouble to achieve happiness? How often do you say it just wasn’t meant to be, or maybe you don’t deserve it?

For some it could actually be a physical distance. Maybe even other obstacles combined with that distance. Is ultimate love and happiness worth  a going the extra miles, giving the extra effort, or perhaps even going through that miles and miles of pain knowing love is waiting at the end?

Is there a bridge too far for you?

A bridge too far is

A path you’ve never taken,

Could change your future.

To see the image at its best, click it.

haiku poem image


Much Respect-Much Love


Ron_LWIRonovan is an author, and blogger who shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer though his blog His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as

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20 thoughts on “No Bridge Too Far.

        • I have several Haiku Challenge members from Australia and one even is part of my Team on my LitWorldInterviews site as a book reviewer. She lives outside Sydney and is a law professor and therapist.
          Hmm, those two seem linked somehow. 🙂


          • She would need to be multi skilled in that profession 🙂 the inner suburbs of Sydney are lovely. Chinese gardens, coves, outdoor cinemas, harbour cruises. What is Haiku Challenge?


            • It’s a weekly poetry challenge I hold. It is now on its 60th week. It came out at 9AM New York time. And around 40 bloggers/poets join in each week with at least 50 being involved. The post has links for instructions and everything. 🙂 The haiku here is for that challenge.


                • Great. I wasn’t trying to get you to join. Just wanted you to know that. But if you do, I put out a review each week with links back to the blogs and the haiku for each person, along with their twitter handle, if they have one, and the review gets tweeted, google+, linkedin, and whatever else it is I do. 🙂

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      • Visit a place called Alice Springs… There was a PBS series ages ago called: A Town Like Alice and it was all about that time, a place I have always wanted to visit.


  1. Is it egotistical to see yourself in the poem? I’m feeling better than I have in a long time. So thankful! Still I wonder about the bridge too far. Try not to overthing; enjoy each moment of each day; let the future take care of itself.


  2. This is great Ron, a moving haiku about love, and what we will do and how far we will travel to find it. I found my true love at eighteen! I didn’t travel far at all he lived in the same city as me! We were very young, younger than my eldest daughter is now! That’s quite a thought. There have been moments when I thought EEK, I’m too young to settle down! And it was rocky sometimes. I think my advice to young people in similar circumstance would be this: if you find the right person don’t let them go, you might never find someone quite like that again.


  3. Enjoyed reading this the other day and forgot to comment. Just no picking up any I missed from your great review page 🙂 Thanks for the inspiring prompts, the useful info and the encouragement to take part – and of course the super examples you share. The background image for this haiku is very effective, very warm 🙂


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