#BeReal – TJ LUBRANO @TJLubrano

I met this young lady a while back and for you Haiku Challenge members she is the reason you get a few extra views at times. She puts some of your Haiku links in her The Lubrano Daily that goes out on Twitter.One day last week, our Challenge appeared with 5 links in the form of the challenge and 4 Haiku. Visit to find out more and then onward to her own site. It’s worth it. Follower her on Twitter as well. @TJLubrano


My #BeReal guest today is TJ Lubrano.

Besides being super talented (and Oh My Gosh is she talented) she has the ability to make the sun shine at midnight.

If I had to pick one person to be a role model for my daughter it would be TJ. I often think if she had an inspirational television series aimed at teenagers the world would instantly improve.  This girl has the ability to make huge changes in this world just with her attitude alone.

See for yourself.

I love you TJ.

Artist TJ Lubrano

Greetings lovely readers!

You know, this could be one of the most honest pieces I’ve written about myself. I got tagged by my wonderful Sparkle aka Lizzi on Facebook. Usually when she tags me it’s about an interesting project or movement (#1000speak anyone?). I’m so happy that she did though as I’ve been living under a rock lately. Not…

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