Haiku Poet Tribute . . . Clarence Holm.


About Clarence Holm…Haiku Challenge Poet Tribute.

Clarence Holm

Clarence Holm focuses his entries on family, friends and a little business. Clarence recently retired from a full-time position in marketing and sales for an insurance whole seller. His interests include writing about genealogy and the history surrounding it.

As an avowed couch potato, what little time he has off the pillows is devoted to a few hobbies including, computers, electronics, woodworking and day dreaming. He is married and the father of four daughters, all old enough to realize dad doesn’t have all the answers.

He is originally from Valley City, North Dakota where his parents tried (and failed) in farming. Luckily his parents did succeed in other careers including mechanics and teaching, allowing the family to move off the farm.

A college graduate with a firm grip on what he didn’t want to do; Clarence has managed electronic stores, restaurants, and security departments. In 1989, he joined his brother and established one of the first groups of independent insurance agent clusters. From that point on, Clarence has not done anything he considers work.

Courtesy of About Clarence at Prairie Chat, the blog.

His offering for this weeks challenge. Click the Haiku for his site and the image version to “like”. Thank you, Clarence for your devoted participation.

kiss away those tears
with taste of wines sweet sorrow
dance and make us glad

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Much Respect-Much Love


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