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I get the feeling the prompts were either difficult or were perhaps confining this week. One of the greatest things about Haiku is the recalling of memories when pulling forth inspiration for writing. That’s one reason I like the stories I read going along with Haiku or photos the poets have taken and used for the challenges. It’s a nice way to get to know a bit more about each other.

Haiku Challenge Review Image

Closing Haiku

Han Solo, scruffy
Nerf herder in space he is
Very loud with Chewy.


First Time Offenders to the Haiku Family.

NEW! Liz Bennefeld: Cool name, right? Noiseless Memories | Quilted Poetry. Very nice story behind the Haiku you can find in the comments of the Challenge and a bit more on the Haiku post itself. “Poet, photo artist, and retired person. VP, 2013-15, Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA). BA Philosophy and English, Concordia College, Moorhead.”-From her About page. A bit more in its comments.  I feel so inadequate now. o,O 

First in this week we have…

TJ Paris: Stagnating | La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin. So I maybe made it a bit difficult this week. oooo It took him 20 whole minutes to put this together. 🙂 @Roccoco_a_GoGo

Annette Rochelle Aben (Best Selling Author, Radio Show Host): Stag Line | Annette Rochelle Aben. Annette got part of my intended meaning with her use of Stag this one week. And then we had quite the exchange on my ReBlog of TJ’s Stagnating on my blog. It was so punny it was painful. I kid you not. Check out Annette’s books at the Author link above and her Radio Show at the Host link. @YouAreTheExpert

Clarence (2 this week): Boozed Bravery | PrarieChat. Loved the use of braced here. Excellent. Also this gives me images of a time long past in old movies. Really enjoyed this one. Bully Moose. o,O And he did go there. 🙂

Judy: Wedding Canceled | Edwina’s Episodes. I was going to call this Typical Judy after a comments exchange she and I had but that didn’t sound right. Nothing is typical about Judy and I felt the title would give the wrong impression of what I intended. She’s a real dear. @EdwinasEpisodes

Alice: Expecto Patronum | Boomerang Zone. I did not even think of this, at least I don’t think I did. But I should have. 🙂 And is that her shirt she has a photo of? Oh my. @Vidocq_CC

Kat: Forever Listening | like mercury colliding. This one is so wrong. 🙂 Bad Kat, Bad.

Mira: stag party | They, You and Me. I THINK she got my meaning of stag, but not sure. Oh these migraines on cloudy days. love games | To Wear a Rainbow. I will call this one Nature Calls and that should give you the final clue as to what it’s about. 🙂  @BediMona

Ritu: Echo Game | But I Smile Anyway. Very cool has she worked the two sentences this week. @PhantomGiggler

jazzytower: Renewal | Thoughts and Entanglements. Nailed it. 🙂 And I don’t mean like in the end results of Kat’s Haiku.

Olga: Speechless | Stuff and what if. Nice use here. Very surprising use of the word noise.

Greg: Razors Edge | Potholes in the Road of Life. Two meanings. 🙂 Nice. I like that second sentence formed a lot. @greg_wolford

Janice: Run Deer Run | Ontheland. 🙂 The animal lover comes out in Janice. @ontheland1

Jen (JK): Soundless Secrets/Arise | The Secret Keeper. The story of that second one somehow escaped me, but I just read about it now. I think I am now quite ill an will need  a rest before continuing the review. @occultguardian

Sandra: Empty | Wild Daffodil. Yep, poetic license invoked. 🙂 But when you combine two challenges you sometimes gotta do what you gotta do.

Al: Al’s Confession | Al the Author’s Blog. Well, he says there is a tradition on the UK and um, he tells us about it. O,O @AlistairLane

D.B. Mauldin (Author): Prom Night | mama bear musings. How many of us can identify with this one? I think this is a lot more common than anyone realizes. Check out the Author link for offerings on Amazon and click HERE for the About page links to other online distribution such as Smashwords.

Jane Dougherty (Author): Calm | Jane Dougherty Writes. Either peace or the title Quiet would fit this Haiku. But after starting to type and getting this far I changed it to Calm as that is what I think it conveys. Check out Jane’s books on Amazon at the Author link above. @MJDougherty33

Elizabeth: Party Time…Oh bother. | Tea & Paper. I love how people have things on hand to use for these challenges. It’s nice how they prompt not only Haiku but memories as well. You might have read that line at the beginning of the review as I like it and intend to use it if I remember by the end of the review. @teandpaper

Maylian: A Call. | Personal Self Perfection. A very nice Haiku with great meaning. Makes me think of revolution.

Melissa Barker-Simpson (Author): Solitary | M Barker-Simpson. Ah, nicely done. Actually used one prompt word twice in different forms. And got my own meaning of stag. Click the Author link above to visit her on Amazon.

Sue Vincent (Author): Challenge | Daily Echo. Nice. And the image is awesome with this. Click the Author link for Sue at Amazon and her many books. @SCVincent

Steven: Haiga and Rutting | Ramblings of Drabbling Mind. Off to search engine I went for this one for several reasons. But we not only received a Haiku about one of the theme we’ve seen so far but also one about the mating call of s seldom scene nature inhabitant.

Meredith & Martha: Mating/Shindig by Meredith and Lonely/Cad by Martha | Meredith’s Musings. And those are four Haiku, two each from the Angels. I just love how the two of each work together for titles. Awesome. You know, sometimes I get the feeling they are sending message through their Haiku. Hmm. @Meredithlbl

Pat B.: Tippy Toes | A season and a time. Okay, I have an image in my head that the Haiku gave me and thus the name I chose for the Haiku. I am now dying of laughter even though the Haiku is not a humorous one. But then I need a good laugh at times. Odd things set me off that way. 🙂

denis1950: dear deer | Haiku Hound. Okay, this one is perhaps one of my favorites. The Haiku is excellent then you throw in the photography.

Colleen:  STAG WARS | Silver Threading. Thinking of Bucks with Light Sabers? Muahahaha. You must go and find out. @SilverThreading

Elusive Trope: Going About One’s Day | Elusive Trope. Well who knew that? Learn something every day. Well for me I learn a lot more than something. But I had no idea about this.

R. Todd: Defiance | A Flash of Fiction. Wrapping my mind around the words of this one. 

Ruby Manchanda: Noisy brown needles | Whispering Thoughts. Sounds like this is in the area I grew up. 🙂

Vashti Quiroz-Vega (Author):  A Love Story | The Writer Next Door. I do believe some liked this one. Check out Vashti on Amazon at the Author link above and you can see her interview by clicking HERE. @VashtiQV

Melissa: A Tip From A Bartender | The Aran Artisan. Um, very good advice. I so can’t see Melissa in the situation she talks about. Talk about opposites in a Haiku. Hmm…prompt words coming to mind. hmmm.

VronLacroix: Hark the stag | Simply Shanpshots. OOOOO an interesting description of the sound. Cool.

E. Rawls (Author): You Never Know/Late Shire Party | Rawls E. Fantasy. As was suggested and should give you hint…Happy Hobbit Day. Check out Bleeding Hearts, a collection of short stories, poems, and riddles, at Elizabeth’s Author page on Amazon by clicking the Author link above.  @VChronicles_

Shailzaa: Wasted Effort | Fewunsaidwords. Thought the title fit the story. 🙂 If I do say so myself.

Juliette: The Tradeoff | Battered Wife seeking Better Life. And I got an eye roll out all of that? @BWseeingBL

Florence: Whining Sans Buck | Meanings and Musings. Okay so the title isn’t exactly right, but she wrote three this week…after whining to her daughter about my prompt words. Check out Colleen as part of the LitWorldInterviews team by clicking here to see her book reviews. @FTThum

Becky G: Dashing isn’t he? | Becky G? Oh, that’s me!  🙂 So I had a little fun with this title.

Mine/Ronovan: Here | Ronovan Writes. I wrote this one in honor of National Suicide Month.


Ron_LWIRonovan is an author, and blogger who shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer though his blog His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as

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13 thoughts on “RonovanWrites #Haiku #Poetry Challenge #Review 63

  1. Thanks so much for your comments and the interactions! And thank you, also, Ronovan, for connecting on Twitter. I have enjoyed going through the list, reading and responding to people who’ve taken part. Looking forward to tomorrow’s prompt.

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  2. Last week I lost my gift of gab and this week I couldn’t shut up. I’ll have to work on finding that middle ground. On the eye roll….when I admit to it then it’s out of love soo…you’re welcome. Haha! 😉

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