Love and compassion…

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” Dalai Lama
I love love. I think if you’ve been visiting for any length of time you may have noticed that. I love love in all its forms and fashions, not just in romantic love.
My country’s going crazy right now. Again. We periodically do this as the actions of a few sparks the actions of more, and the inaction of the mass majority.
When I was doing my youth pastor thing I liked to do a lesson. What is the main goal of every person? Some went down the road easily to the conclusion that I knew they would end up at. While others, recognizing what the answer was, would try and argue their way out of it, but ultimately had to concede.
Pretty much everything we do in life is to find love. We want to be loved. This does not necessarily mean we want romantic love, but we do want to experience the feeling of being loved by someone or by family. We need that. We can function without it, but if we don’t have love, or able to give love, then there is an imbalance.
Love leads to compassion. I think if all the things happening in the world today, if we could do case studies of the people involved, we would find a commonality. They are missing something. Is it love, a true sense of it? Can you have love and not have compassion? That last one is one I am going to think about for a while. Maybe I’ll have another post about it.
I wonder about the killings that have occurred lately in the US, on both sides of the blue line, read the police line. I just don’t think, change that, I know I couldn’t kill someone like that. I couldn’t be a cop and abuse that power. On the other side, I couldn’t set out and intentionally kill cops that are doing nothing but protecting marchers in Dallas.
It’s all craziness. America isn’t the only place things happen, we just happen to be big and love our social media and the media loves a good tasty negative story to run and encourage more of the same to happen. Yes, I blame a lot of things on the media. They don’t act responsible at all when it comes to these things.
Love and compassion. Necessities. Yes, I believe that. How about you?

8 thoughts on “Love and compassion…

  1. Sometimes I just can”t handle watching the news. Not that I want to bury my head in the sand but it’s so incredibly negative. Let’s focus on the love in our world and the good, like this post.


  2. I too blame the media for a great deal. I used to teach parenting skills the main message we were trained to convey is “give attention to the behaviour you would like to see more of and ignore the behaviour you do not want to see”. Giving attention to unwanted behaviour only increases it!


  3. As a journalist, I understand the news flow. Bad news goes to the top because of it’s nature, shock, outrage. And, as a public, we almost demand it. (Think about customer service. When we get horrible service we tend to tell more people than when we get good service.) We want to know what is going on that is unusual and wrong so we can address it, make people accountable. However, I am not so naive to not see spin, angle, sensationalism at times and from certain stations. For example, very little press has been given to the 19-year-old man who was shot by police on June 25 in Fresno, CA. There is a video like the others. His name was Dylan Noble. The shooting is quite similar to other shootings and begs the question: did this man really need to be shot while he was lying on the ground on his back? Of course, every situation is different and one video does not tell all the facts. And I am not a police officer so I will not jump to conclusions. The point is, why did this story not get the same outrage and coverage as the others? Is it because he was white? The situation? The date was before the last batch? That, I cannot say. I just see it is different. Now, there are good media stories out there too. Unfortunately though, they may take a little more effort to find, but again, that is the natural flow of news. Here is one for example that I found to be wonderful on several levels: journalist quality, compelling story, current topic and a well-rounded version of the account from someone who lived the terror of being on the street in Dallas when the shots were fired. Here is the link:

    And yes, we need more love in the world. Perhaps this man in the video is the start for people in his area. And if we all spread love in our areas….a daisy-chain of love could spread.

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