Guess That Art! Did Dr. Seuss and H.G. Wells have an artistic love child?

Warning ahead of time, no cheating is allowed in this guessing game and challenge of your cultural level of artistic knowledge.

Comment your opinions about the painting and if you know what, when and who about the painting then all the better to let everyone know. Look at the details. For me, it almost gives the impression of some other world you might find in the mind of  a Creative if it were the child of H.G. Wells and Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel). Next week sometime I’ll do a post with the details about the painting for your enjoyment. Click to enlarge and take in the mind altering images, but remember to return and comment. In addition, look at the painting fully, closely, take your time with it and see if it inspires you to write. Write a piece of poetry and if you create a post, link back to here or even put your link in the comments, just like with the Haiku Challenge. If you don’t want to create a post then simply share your poetry in the comments. Good luck ,good viewing, good inspiration, and finally, good creating. Also, if you artistic and create something inspired by this, share it with us.


6 thoughts on “Guess That Art! Did Dr. Seuss and H.G. Wells have an artistic love child?

  1. Well, I know who it is but I would mangle the spelling unless I look it up…. initials HB. Fabulous frightening artist and way before Dr. Suess. The level of detail in his paintings is wonderful.

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    • You got his name, and yes…long long time before Seuss but maybe the guy and some frozen and then Seuss had some changes and became a scientific first. 🙂

      HB or EG as he was commonly known by, was way ahead of his time with some of his imagery I think. I ran across this while researching on a certain area of the world and just fell in love with it.

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  2. So much symbolism… heaven and hell on earth? creation and destruction? consuming or being consumed? It seems to suggest dichotomised positions and unsurprisingly familiar; does it have to be so? What was the artist’s motivation or intention? And our interpretation says more about us than him…?

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