Guess That Art III! Alien meets Predator meets Tangled?

If you don’t know who this one is instantly, then you very likely won’t figure it out. Let’s just say the artist isn’t well known by us lay people for this kind of work. I liked it a lot. The almost sci-fi/alein appearance of it appeals to my teenage years. (Who am I kidding? It appeals to me now.) All that organic like tangled up pieces of what might be carbon life form mixed with plant life and stone is all just kind of creepy to me in a good way. It makes me think the Alien and Predator costume designers might have been fans of this artist.

No cheating allowed in this guessing game and challenge of your cultural level of artistic knowledge.

Comment your opinions about the piece and if you know what, when and who about it then all the better to let everyone know. Look at the details. (Click on the image to see a larger version.

Write a piece of poetry or even a post. If you create a post, link back to here or even put your link in the comments, just like with the Haiku Challenge. Or you can simply share your poetry in the comments. Good luck ,good viewing, good inspiration, and finally, good creating. Also, if you are artistic and create something inspired by this, share it with us.

Guess that art 3


19 thoughts on “Guess That Art III! Alien meets Predator meets Tangled?

  1. Coincidentally, I finished reading Thomas Hart Benton’s autobiography two days ago, and he discussed this artist in the closing chapters, which prompted me to look more closely at his work. This (and other pieces) surprised me – not what I identified him with.


  2. No idea at all who painted this. It makes me think of Michael Ayrton, but if it isn’t typical of the artist’s style it can’t be. I’ll have a go at writing something though.


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