#WednesdayWoofs – Shall we dance?

Do you love dogs and have something to share? Pop a link in the comments and maybe some people will visit and like it. The hashtag isn’t really a thing, just something I put up there. I checked on twitter and there are some spattering of tweets from over time but nothing regular. Share if you like, or not. Up to you. I just loved the video. 🙂


6 thoughts on “#WednesdayWoofs – Shall we dance?

  1. Thats really impressive! I’m lucky if my dog even knows to come when her name is called. I can’t imagine the amount of training and patience that would take. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  2. Totally fabulous, and stiff like this never fails to raise a smile and generate a happy tear.
    I loved to watch Mary Ray and her heelwork routines at Crufts.

    At the end, the dog on the right is so like our Barney

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  3. I can’t believe how emotional I got watching this. Maybe it’s the video, but I think it’s the dog, I love that breed and it’s amazing the training it took for this performance.

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