Haiku Challenge 318 Poets Collected.

Links to the 26 Poets 38 Poems from last week’s challenge of Destruct & Self and their haiku. All links open in a new window when clicked on.


Annette Rochelle Aben: Go Greased Lightning | Annette Rochelle Aben

Bob Fairfield: https://bobfairfield.org/2020/08/10/ronovan-writes-weekly-haiku-poetryprompt-318/

http://www.engleson.caA Haiku which was then incorporated into a Shi Rensa Haiku entry. Very nice, dude, very nice. And a beautiful one at that.


Did I play my part?
Were your expectations met?
Did I fall just short?
Did I fall just short,
Fail to meet the challenge:
your beautiful dream?
Your beautiful dream
was there, my fingers reached out
as the bubble burst.
As the bubble burst,
There was no time for sorrow,
No tears for lost love.

Anisha|Crazy Nerds: Hills to Oceans – CᖇazY Neᖇɗs  (7 Poems.)

Dear Sun! – CᖇazY Neᖇɗs  (3 Poems)

Endless Rivers:  Fragments – Endless Rivers

Faith Unlocked:  Eternity Bides

The Hidden Edge: Educate Ch#43 – (Just one thing) – Laura McHarrie @ The Hidden Edge  A Shi Rensa Haiku

isaiah46ministries:  Still Missing You, My Black Knight – Help from Heaven

J-Dubs Grin and Bear It:   Haiku – Meet & Part – J-Dubs Grin and Bear It

Lillie-Put: Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge: #318 Meet & Part | Lillie-Put

Mindfills:  https://mindfills.wordpress.com/2020/08/10/parting/

MMA Storytime: You Defend Defend Everything

Mukhamani (Lakshmi Bhat}: Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 318 Meet& Part – Mukhamani

Prairie Chat: Haiku Challenge (8/10/20) – PrairieChat   A Shi Rensa Haiku

Queen Nandini:  My Haikus with the words Meet & Part | queennandini

Quilted Poetry:   Remember | #RonovanWrites #Haiku #Challenge 318 Meet & Part – Quilted Poetry

Ronovan Writes:  vigor and magic – a poem | ronovanwrites   A Shi Rensa Haiku

rugby843.blog The Bag Lady: Ronovanwrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt – The Bag Lady

Sketching Words: https://sketchingwords.com/2020/08/10/ronovan-writes-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-318/   (3 Poems)

Straight From My Heart: http://straightfromtheheartgd.com/2020/08/12/shirensahaiku-rendezvous-at-twilight/  A Shi Rensa Haiku

teleportingweena: Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge – Meet/Part | teleportingweena

Tessa Dean author:  https://tessadeanauthor.com/2020/08/10/ronovan-writes-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-318-meetpart/

Thoughts and Entanglements: A Parting | thoughts and entanglements

WillowDot21: Ronovanwrite’s Weekly Haiku Challenge 318 Meet and Part. | willowdot21      A Shi Rensa Haiku

Whippet Wisdom: Haiku: Trust – Whippet Wisdom – a Highland Journey

A Wise Woman’s Journey:  A Clouded Gift | awisewomansjourney

6 2020 Ronovan Hester Copyright reserved. The author asserts his moral and legal rights over this work.


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