One Man’s Words, another Man’s Politics – a poem

I recently, as in the same day I wrote this post and Haiku, shared a quote from a book a social media platform. And individual there that is a Friend there responded. My initial quote and supporting comments were not politically charged, at least I didn’t think so. In fact, they were about the planet, the environment, and the role humans have played in the slow destruction of all of it. Nothing was untrue. It was simply my saying that God gave us the earth and all things upon it to be good stewards of and have dominion over. Dominion meaning to reign over. To reign over something means you must take care of it, not to abuse it. Apparently, that part of what I said either wasn’t agreed on, was skipped, or the quote from the book set the person off so much that nothing else was considered. I was quite surprised to see a comment at least twice as long as my original update. But, it gave me this post, this haiku, this haibun. God uses the oddest things to make good from. I should point out this person as well as others have taken some of my recent updates as meaning I am a Liberal, at least that’s the message I’m receiving. I’m not. I am conservative in most of my political leanings but as I believe all people do, I agree with some ideas on the other side of the political line. If anyone is 100% one thing…I get worried. No one party has the right answers to everything. And I get the feeling some of those from my more distant past cannot see the truth of that.





I triggered a man,

with words of truth in kindness,

my soul will be free




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How to Write a Haiku in English Form

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4 thoughts on “One Man’s Words, another Man’s Politics – a poem

  1. It doesn’t take much to trigger some these days. Even truth and kindness. It used to be national emergencies united us, but this pandemic has made it more “us” and “them” than ever. I’m afraid we’ll never get back to us all being “us” again.

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    • In this case, it was my father. 🙂 But, oh well. He is a serious MAGA head, or at least serious anti Biden. He considers Biden as the invitation to socialism.


  2. Wow, Paul! There is an epidemic of politically initiated hate and intransigence around our world, which I have experienced too. I consider myself a moderate conservative with certain liberal leanings (on a scale of 100-0-100, perhaps 30-0-70). This rampant disease of radicalness became prevalent among young folks around the world over the last couple of generations with the lose of faith, forgiveness, and compromise. Peace, my friend.


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