Envious Kitten – a haiku a poem


paw curls around door

playfully asking entry

jealous of her aunt


There’s a somewhat, or not so recent addition to the cat menagerie of the house. Actually, there are only two now. Things happen, and I’d rather not think about them. But Fluffy is still here, the daughter of Kitty, who helped me when she showed up one day and stayed for years. Now we have Stormy. She started at as a gray furball of a kitten, born to the bonkers, psycho cat you’d ever meet. She became a biter, or was already but became more so. Stormy on the other hand is the sweetest, if not the most ADD cat I’ve ever seen, but she is still mostly a kitten, not even a year yet. Not even close.

She has the nices markings. I’ve never seen the stripes go around the neck and chest before. When she lays on her side and stretches out, you see all her white hair with the dark gray stripes and it’s a shocking contrast, and she is the longest cat. Her legs are…she would be a runway model of cats if they had one, they’re that long. But she’ll let you pick her up and cuddle, her motor vibrating your chest and ear. Until she wants down. Her coat is the softest I’ve ever felt. It’s like stroking, well I can’t really think of anything this luxurious. It’s smooth, thick, not long, but not super short either.

All around an entertaining cat that figured out how to come inside for mealtimes with her Aunt Fluffy, not by blood. Fluffy is more like a mother than an Aunt. You can see Stormy watching her and copying everything she does. And Fluffy catches chipmunks and mice to show Stormy what her job is around the house, but Stormy just thinks the lifeless things are toys. She’s never tasted wild game so far.

Make sure to click on Fluffy’s photo to see her eye color.



Image of Stormy, a young gray female catt with darker gray stripes and yellow eyes.



Adult brown/sable cat with green eyes.Fluffy

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