I ain’t lazy, maybe a little crazy. (A Poem.)

They call me insane for my constant author campaigns.
But who is to say someone else will come up with my way?
Look to the left and then to the right, then you might say who might be a might.
Set up the way for a better day to display what authors have to say.

Yes, I am crazy, but you can’t call me lazy.
I might be a bit touched, but who isn’t by much?
Would you rather not gather and foam at the mouth in a lather,
As you sit, and don’t hit, while your book don’t sell spit?

It’s not all on me, as you will see, you gotta make it be.
You will be a part, as I start, and leave a remark.
Don’t know what I’m talking about?
Listen up and you’ll hear people shout.



A new author support site I insanely created.


Let’s connect.









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Blogging Tips: It’s NOT your content.

It’s not your Content

by: Ronovan

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You’re new to the Blog world or even been around the Blog a few times and you wonder “Where are all the people that should be lining up to read my work”. (See what I did there, “Around the Blog….Around the Block. No…I tried. And I have no idea why L. L. Cook J’s ‘Around the way Girl’ is going through my head now.)

Blogging is like a lot of things in life:

  • It takes time
  • It takes practice
  • You have to work it
  • And it takes great patience


When I started blogging I just wanted people to read my creative pieces. I didn’t really think about how many I wanted to read it or how I would get them to read it, I just wanted to create and click publish.


We like to say we don’t care how many people show up to the party. As long as we put out the nachos in case someone decides to join in we think we’re okay. But we all know we really like to see those faces show up, even those we don’t know. This article is mostly for people who want to increase their readership.


I want to say one quick thing. If your home page is where your most recent posts go then here is what might happen. A person goes to the page, reads the top article, then reads all the ones below it. You get one view for all of those read articles. Some people put in a ‘read more’ break that you place in during your posting process to shorten what’s on that page to create more space or they do it to actually force a click to the next page. I personally no longer do the ‘read more’ just because. I’m happy people showed up and try to make it easy as possible.


The truth is, most of us have content in our articles that is good. We’re going to connect with someone and we’ll find our niche or group we seem to speak to. But it doesn’t happen overnight.



Like I said you can’t bring in hundreds of views of your articles overnight unless you just write some hot button issue and get it out on social networks properly at the right moment. Perhaps hot button is your theme. If so then make sure you do something unique with it to stand out from the crowd.



Getting your format set up just right takes time. I’ve been through several themes for my blog and tested the waters on what I write. I know what will bomb and what will receive some generally decent response for my site. I still don’t mind bombing as long as I have fun and don’t do it too often. I want my readers to know they can always show up and have something good/useful to read.  That is one reason I put out as much material as possible. The other reason…I’m insane.


Work it

It’s tough to say this but just putting your content out there doesn’t mean people will show up. You need to do some work and help people find you, in other words, get the ball rolling:

  • Visit other blogs and comment:  You are thinking you barely have time to do your own blog but you would be surprised at the ideas you        come up with by taking a few minutes to visit elsewhere. Blogging isn’t just about blogs, it’s a community of supporters.
  • Link back to other blogs but only if relevant: Don’t just put a link to another person’s blog in your article for no reason. Make it be because it pertains to your article. Honest blogs get honest followers who stay with you.
  • Share in Social Networks: Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn, whatever your options are use them and share your articles there and spend a few minutes just being at least remotely involved.
  • Tag your articles properly: This one is a work in progress for everyone. You have to look at your work and see what it is and what words best describe it. Visit other blogs similar to yours that are successful and see what kind of tags they use.



You have to be patient. Once things start rolling…they roll. But it will take some time. Just keep working and putting out a lot of content, but quality content.


That’s all for this time and I hope there was something useful for you. Just remember that it’s not always about the content or the writing.


The only way you will fail is by giving up.


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