Merry Christmas and Hoppy New Year!

The big man, with his back to the fire. scanned the room waving the horseshoe in every direction.

He nodded, satisfied.

Best 20 Galleons I ever spent.

“D1 looks safe enough this year.”

“Big Belly, keep your guard up. Remember the boy has Weasley blood.”

“Don’t worry, I got this.”

He placed the gifts under the tree.

A new quill and journal for Lily, a very good girl.

James. Santa hesitated…not exactly good but a broom cleaning kit, nonetheless.

Al, so disrespectful. Coal or Gonçalo Flores’ latest memoir? Volume 16? Good Grief.

Ah, the Weasley sweaters. Will Molly ever learn what colors clash with ginger hair?

Bag empty. Good. “Big Belly to D1, on the way.”


But before Santa could place his finger aside his nose, he saw them. Ginny Potter’s famous cookies with a large glass of milk. So tasty last year.


Only eat after leaving presents!


Only James Sirius Potter. With a big sigh and a shake of his head, he gobbled the cookies down followed by the glass of milk.

“Ahh, delicious. Ginny always delivers.”

“Big Belly, did you eat something?”


“This is the Potter house.”

“I’ve eaten here before?”

“For Sunday roast with the missus. You know not to trust anything tonight.”

“D1, you are overreac—BURRRPPP!”

“Oh no. B. B. do you copy?”


“Santa, can you hear me?”


Dasher snorted. Steam rose into the London air.

“Polar Bear, this is D1, we have a Code Green.”

“D1, this is Polar Bear. Usual location?”

“Yeah. Milk and cookies. He never learns.”

“EES inbound in 3, 2, 1.”

With a loud pop, three elves appeared in front of Dasher. “We’ll have him up in a jiffy, boys.” The leader said. “And he was boasting of a spell detector he bought off a Goblin that would save him this year.”

“Hey, Ernie?”

“Sup Big D?”

“Take a pic and post it. It’ll trend until New Year’s.”

“Got it, Big D.”

Seconds later a ding sounded. Dasher and the others activated their Moogle Lenses to see a picture of a hot pink frog with rosy cheeks and a long white beard wearing Santa’s hat.

In the background, a sign had been hung.





The Potters


“You think he’ll take back that broom cleaning kit?” Prancer asked.

Dancer shook his head. “Nope. James got him. Once it’s under the tree, Santa can’t take it back. It’d be stealing.”

“And we still haven’t gone to any of the actual Weasley houses yet.”

“True.” Dasher stared out over the quiet night, the North Star shining and a gentle fall of snowflakes dusting the air.


It might be okay.


“Uh, hey, can any of you move?” Comet asked.

Dasher tugged each hoof. Nothing. With all his strength he pulled his right front hoof. It rose with long strings of a black rubber-like substance connecting the hoof to the roof.



“Steal the cleaning kit!”

“Got it, Big D.”

My offering for the Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes Prompt Challenge Holiday Special.

‘Santa arrives at the home of Harry Potter where the Potter children have left cookies and milk for Santa to eat. He does. What happens next?’

Word Count is 500 words or less.